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Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson

Book Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson for your next event.

When Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson-Begley purchased their Studio City property in 2011, they intended to remodel the building sustainably. Then they realized that the rooftop solar panels would be ineffective due to the shade of a magnificent 100-year-old oak tree to the south and that the deteriorating structure of the house would prevent building up and away from... read full bio

Ed Begley, Jr.

Book Ed Begley, Jr. for your next event.

Ed Begley Jr. is an American actor and environmentalist known for his role as Dr. Victor Ehrlich on St. Elsewhere, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award six consecutive times, and his hundreds stage, film, and TV appearances including Portlandia, The Office, The Simpsons, Pineapple Express, This Is Spinal Tap, Hot Rod, and more. However, Begley prefers to... read full bio

Ed Blake

Book Ed Blake for your next event.

Ed Blake has been successful in making other people laugh for a long time. He sees things from a far different perspective than most people do. Ed, who has been greatly influenced by the greats of comedy, is aware that there are a variety of approaches to humor, and he rejects the notion that he should be confined to any... read full bio

Ed Burns

Book Ed Burns for your next event.

A Conversation With Ed Burns And how do good stories get told when the Hollywood studio system is a business about the bottom line Is it possible to remain authentic and not ""sell out"" With his film, Nice Guy Johnny, Burns deliberately resisted the traditional distribution channels where there is little control, and embraced a changing marketplace-one where filmgoers want... read full bio

Ed Butler

Book Ed Butler for your next event.

Ed Butler is a former British Army officer who has been the commander of Task Force Helmand. Since serving in the British Army, Butler has gone on to be a security and risk expert who has worked as Head of Risk Analysis at Pool Re, which is a company that helps to support the UK economy by reinsuring terrorism risk.... read full bio

Ed Byrne

Book Ed Byrne for your next event.

With successful tours, sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and in the West End, Ed has seen enormous success both critically and popularly in the UK and Ireland. In addition, he has a solid worldwide reputation. He frequently appears in front of crowds in Paris, Las Vegas, Sydney and Montreal's Just For Laughs. In addition, he presents programs from BBC Radio 4... read full bio

Ed Cunningham

Book Ed Cunningham for your next event.

Ed Cunningham is an American sports announcer, film producer, and former professional American football player who played in the NFL. Cunningham was born in Washington, D.C. and he began his career playing high school football before going on to play college football at the University of Washington where he helped them to win a national championship. Cunningham went on to... read full bio

Ed Dickson

Book Ed Dickson for your next event.

Ed Dickson is an American professional football tight end who is currently a free agent in the NFL. Dickson was born in Inglewood, California, and he began his career playing football in high school where he was named Southeast-South Coast Lineman of the-Year by the L.A. Times. He was as named the first-team All-Suburban League, first-team All-league pick, and was... read full bio

Ed Foreman

Book Ed Foreman for your next event.

From a farm boy to a self-made millionaire by the age of 26 and a former United States Congressman from two different States, Texas and New Mexico, Ed Foreman is not a "reporter." He has lived his message of health, wealth, and happiness that is helping business leaders from around the world get more meaningful living out of life,... read full bio

Ed Gibson

Book Ed Gibson for your next event.

Ed Gibson received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Rochester, New York. Ed Gibson was elected as a Fellow of the American Astronautical Society; he is also a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, and Theta Chi. Following his passion for running he is a member of... read full bio

Ed Gillespie

Book Ed Gillespie for your next event.

Ed Gillespie is an environmental entrepreneur and author who specializes in sustainability and innovation. As an author, Gillespie has published the book ‘Only Planet – a flight-free adventure around the world,’ which is a book about how you can travel the world without even boarding a plane to do so. Gillespie has previously earned his BSc in marine biology from... read full bio

Ed Gordon

Book Ed Gordon for your next event.

Hard-hitting, inspiring, intelligent, honest, direct: these are just some of the words used to describe the style and approach of Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Ed Gordon, definitively one of the notable broadcasters in our generation. Known for his stellar interaction with newsmakers from the worlds of politics, entertainment, and sports, his name is synonymous with the big" interview and he has... read full bio

Ed Harris

Book Ed Harris for your next event.

The office for Ed Harris has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Ed Helms

Book Ed Helms for your next event.

“Vulnerability is huge. I love to see that in characters. It's something I feel like a lot of my comedic heroes have always done.” Ed Helms is an actor, comedian, singer and musician. He later starred in the Emmy Award–winning NBC sitcom The Office and was a lead in the blockbuster film The Hangover. Helms landed a spot on Jon... read full bio

Ed Hochuli

Book Ed Hochuli for your next event.

Ed Hochuli is an attorney and a retired American football official who worked in the NFL for nearly 20 years. He is best known for his athletic and muscular physique and for explaining on-field ruling in a manner that is comprehensive, clear, and concise. Prior to his officiating career, he played the linebacker position for four seasons at the University... read full bio

Ed Kowalcyzk

Book Ed Kowalcyzk for your next event.

As the lead singer of Live, Ed Kowalczyk fronted one of the most successful American post-grunge bands of the a90s, coming to prominence with their 1994 sophomore album, Throwing Copper. With his bald head and intense eyes, Kowalczyk cut a distinctive figure, but what separated him from other a90s alt-rockers was his utter earnestness. Live released seven albums between 1991... read full bio

Ed Kowalczyk

Book Ed Kowalczyk for your next event.

Ed Kowalczyk, the main singer of Live, led one of the most popular American post-grunge bands of the 1990s, rising to fame with their second album, "Throwing Copper," released in 1994. Kowalczyk stood out from other '90s alt-rockers with his bald head and fierce eyes, but what set him apart was his complete honesty: he embraced U2's open-hearted approach as... read full bio

Ed Maverick

Book Ed Maverick for your next event.

Eduardo Hernandez Saucedo, better known as Ed Maverick, is a Mexican folk singer-songwriter from Delicias, Chihuahua. While growing up, Maverick taught himself how to play guitar by watching tutorials and by the time he was 16, he began composing his own songs. One of the first songs he ever wrote, “Te Quiero”, was featured in his debut album, “Mix Para... read full bio

Ed Mccaffrey

Book Ed Mccaffrey for your next event.

Ed McCaffrey is a former wide receiver. He also has his own brand of mustard and horseradish sauce, which can be found in supermarkets across Colorado, and into Nebraska. McCaffrey was named the new color analyst for 850 KOA, flagship station of the Denver Broncos Radio Network. He founded SportsEddy, which includes not just football but lacrosse, soccer, baseball and... read full bio

Ed Mylett

Book Ed Mylett for your next event.

Ed Mylett is one of the Top 50 Wealthiest Under 50, and the youngest person to be named on the Presidents National Leadership Advisory Board. At a young age, Mylett decided he would be in charge of his destiny. Inspired by his father, Mylett set off in pursuit of business success. He is now a keynote motivational speaker and a... read full bio

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