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Ed Gillespie

Book Ed Gillespie for your next event.

Ed Gillespie is an environmental entrepreneur and author who specializes in sustainability and innovation. As an author, Gillespie has published the book ‘Only Planet – a flight-free adventure around the world,’ which is a book about how you can travel the world without even boarding a plane to do so. Gillespie has previously earned his BSc in marine biology from... read full bio

Ed Gordon

Book Ed Gordon for your next event.

Hard-hitting, inspiring, intelligent, honest, direct: these are just some of the words used to describe the style and approach of Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Ed Gordon, definitively one of the notable broadcasters in our generation. Known for his stellar interaction with newsmakers from the worlds of politics, entertainment, and sports, his name is synonymous with the big" interview and he has... read full bio

Ed Harris

Book Ed Harris for your next event.

The office for Ed Harris has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Ed Helms

Book Ed Helms for your next event.

“Vulnerability is huge. I love to see that in characters. It's something I feel like a lot of my comedic heroes have always done.” Ed Helms is an actor, comedian, singer and musician. He later starred in the Emmy Award–winning NBC sitcom The Office and was a lead in the blockbuster film The Hangover. Helms landed a spot on Jon... read full bio

Ed Hochuli

Book Ed Hochuli for your next event.

Ed Hochuli is an attorney and a retired American football official who worked in the NFL for nearly 20 years. He is best known for his athletic and muscular physique and for explaining on-field ruling in a manner that is comprehensive, clear, and concise. Prior to his officiating career, he played the linebacker position for four seasons at the University... read full bio

Ed Kowalcyzk

Book Ed Kowalcyzk for your next event.

As the lead singer of Live, Ed Kowalczyk fronted one of the most successful American post-grunge bands of the a90s, coming to prominence with their 1994 sophomore album, Throwing Copper. With his bald head and intense eyes, Kowalczyk cut a distinctive figure, but what separated him from other a90s alt-rockers was his utter earnestness. Live released seven albums between 1991... read full bio

Ed Kowalczyk

Book Ed Kowalczyk for your next event.

Ed Kowalczyk, the main singer of Live, led one of the most popular American post-grunge bands of the 1990s, rising to fame with their second album, "Throwing Copper," released in 1994. Kowalczyk stood out from other '90s alt-rockers with his bald head and fierce eyes, but what set him apart was his complete honesty: he embraced U2's open-hearted approach as... read full bio

Ed Maverick

Book Ed Maverick for your next event.

Eduardo Hernandez Saucedo, better known as Ed Maverick, is a Mexican folk singer-songwriter from Delicias, Chihuahua. While growing up, Maverick taught himself how to play guitar by watching tutorials and by the time he was 16, he began composing his own songs. One of the first songs he ever wrote, “Te Quiero”, was featured in his debut album, “Mix Para... read full bio

Ed Mccaffrey

Book Ed Mccaffrey for your next event.

Ed McCaffrey is a former wide receiver. He also has his own brand of mustard and horseradish sauce, which can be found in supermarkets across Colorado, and into Nebraska. McCaffrey was named the new color analyst for 850 KOA, flagship station of the Denver Broncos Radio Network. He founded SportsEddy, which includes not just football but lacrosse, soccer, baseball and... read full bio

Ed Mylett

Book Ed Mylett for your next event.

Ed Mylett is one of the Top 50 Wealthiest Under 50, and the youngest person to be named on the Presidents National Leadership Advisory Board. At a young age, Mylett decided he would be in charge of his destiny. Inspired by his father, Mylett set off in pursuit of business success. He is now a keynote motivational speaker and a... read full bio

Ed O'Neill

Book Ed O'Neill for your next event.

Actor Ed O'Neill is best known for his role as the main character, Al Bundy, on the Fox Network sitcom Married... with Children, what is now known as a cult classic amongst television show lore. For O’Neil’s character in the television series, he was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. Married... with Children aired for ten years, but what distinguished... read full bio

Ed Olczyk

Book Ed Olczyk for your next event.

Former pro hockey player Ed Olczyk was a center in the NHL for 16 seasons. He played for a total of 6 teams between 1984 and 2000, starting and ending his pro career with the Chicago Blackhawks. His post playing career has consisted of stints of coaching as well as broadcasting. He is currently a color commentator for the Blackhawks,... read full bio

Ed Reed

Book Ed Reed for your next event.

Ed Reed is an American former professional football player who played as safety in the NFL and has gone on to work as a coach and as an administrator in football. Reed was born in St. Rose, Louisiana, and he began his career playing football in high school where he was an all-state selection and was named the New Orleans... read full bio

Ed Rendell

Book Ed Rendell for your next event.

The former two-term Governor of PA, NBC News Political Analyst and author of A Nation Of Wusses, has a proven track record of getting big things done. Committed to make government more responsible to the public and more responsive to the public's needs, Governor Rendell cut wasteful spending and improved efficiency to save more than $1 billion, and pursued a... read full bio

Ed Robertson

Book Ed Robertson for your next event.

Ed Robertson is a Canadian musician who is best known for being the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the Canadian rock band, Barenaked Ladies. Robertson was born in Scarborough, Ontario, and he grew up in a house the often played country music and he learned how to play guitar and sing with his family. At a young age, Robertson... read full bio

Ed Roland

Book Ed Roland  for your next event.

Ed Roland is an American musician/singer/songwriter/record producer. He is best known for being the lead singer in the band Collective Soul. More currently he has been working with his new project, Ed Roland and the Sweet Tea Project. He tried to find success in the music business for years and years with no success. His band, Collective Soul independently released... read full bio

Ed Rollins

Book Ed Rollins for your next event.

Edward Rollins (born March 19, 1943) is a Republican campaign consultant and advisor who has worked on several high-profile political campaigns in the United States. In 1983-84, he was National Campaign Director for the Reagan-Bush '84 campaign, winning 49 of 50 states. In December 2007, he was named the national campaign chairman for the Mike Huckabee campaign for President.... read full bio

Ed Sheeran

Book Ed Sheeran for your next event.

Ed Sheeran is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer from England. He learned guitar at a very young age, and because of his musical prowess at such a young age, it led many people to believe he was a prodigy of sorts. He began writing songs during his time in high school before moving to London to perform frequent... read full bio

Ed Smart

Book Ed Smart for your next event.

When Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her room in 2002, Ed Smart did what any dad would do: drop everything and look for her. Now, two decades later, Ed is a nationally famous and highly respected spokesperson for child protection and safety. He advocates for new legislation to be done to aid in these efforts. He is on the board... read full bio

Ed Stafford

Book Ed Stafford for your next event.

Ed Stafford is an English explorer best known for holding the Guinness World Record for being the first person to walk the length of the Amazon River. Staffords made sure to film and blog his journey, which caught attention of fans all over the world. He ended up headlining the news in the UK and the US. He has gone... read full bio

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