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Tamlyn Tomita

Book Tamlyn Tomita for your next event.

Tamlyn Tomita is a Japanese-American actress and singer who is best known for playing Allegra in the television series “The Good Doctor”, Kumiko in the film “The Karate Kid Part II”, Waverly in the film “The Joy Luck Club”, and Janet in the film “The Day After Tomorrow”. Tomita was born in Okinawa, Japan, and she later moved to Los... read full bio

Tammie Brown

Book Tammie Brown for your next event.

Tammie Brown (Keith Schubert out of costume) gained recognition on the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race. After he was eliminate he released his debut EP Popcorn. Brown was brought back to Drag Race to compete on RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race, though he was eliminated in only the second episode. Aside from Drag Race, Brown auditioned for season 2... read full bio

Tammin Sursok

Book Tammin Sursok for your next event.

Tammin Sursok is most well known for portraying Dani Sutherland on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless, and one of the main antagonists, Jenna Marshall, on Pretty Little Liars. Her first role, as Dani Sutherland, earned her a Logie Award for Most Popular New Female Talent, in addition to a nomination... read full bio

Tammy Blanchard

Book Tammy Blanchard for your next event.

Tammy Blanchard is an American actress who gained attention after playing the teenage Judy Garland in the television film “Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows”, which earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination and a Primetime Emmy Award. She has also had success in theatre and has been nominated for two Tony Awards for her role as Louise... read full bio

Tammy Bruce

Book Tammy Bruce for your next event.

Tammy Bruce is an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Bush progressive feminist. She was drawn into feminist activism in the late 1980's to contribute to the ongoing effort to ensure safe and legal abortion for all women. Just two years after joining the National Organization for Women, and with a brand of feminism that places her somewhere... read full bio

Tammy Pescatelli

Book Tammy Pescatelli for your next event.

Growing up with all brothers will give a Sicilian girl from Cleveland two things: a great sense of security and an even greater sense of humor (not to mention an unusually high tolerance for toilet seats left in the up position). Indeed, actress/comedienne Tammy Pescatelli got her fair share of all three, but her sense of humor is what has... read full bio

Tamra Barney

Book Tamra Barney for your next event.

Tamra Barney is a licensed realtor, mother of four, and successful television star of the hit Bravo TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. This pioneering and highly rated show originated in Coto de Caza in 2005 and is now franchised and syndicated all over the world. With Tamra's experience and successful television career, she recently launched a successful... read full bio

Tamron Hall

Book Tamron Hall for your next event.

Tamron Hall is an American television journalist and news anchor who has been the host of MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall, co-host of Today’s Take, and a former correspondent for NBC News. She is also host of the television series “Deadline: Crime”. Most recently, Hall has debuted a self-titled syndicated talk show. Hall graduated from Temple University with a B.A.... read full bio

Tamyra Gray

Book Tamyra Gray for your next event.

Millions caught a glimpse of it during the inaugural season of American Idol, with performances so full of effervescence, grace, and talent that Tamyra Gray would prove to be the one that America would remember. She warmed the hearts of Americans, and overnight, this Maryland native had become a star. After finishing in fourth on the first season of Idol,... read full bio


Book Tamzene for your next event.

Tamzene is an artist to treasure. She has the voice of an ancient soul and combines those flawless, traditional influences—a childhood spent listening up Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald—with a desire to express oneself. Her new EP, "Details," which she wrote while strolling by the harbor while listening to the waves lapping against the pier and the Firth stretching out... read full bio

Tamzin Merchant

Book Tamzin Merchant for your next event.

Tamzin Merchant is an English actress who is best known for playing Anne Hale in the television series “Salem”, Catherine Howard in series “The Tudors” and Georgiana Darcy in the film “Pride & Prejudice”. Merchant graduated from Homerton College, Cambridge and went on to make her television debut in the television movie “My Family and Other Animals”. Since then, her... read full bio

Tan France

Book Tan France for your next event.

Tan France is an English fashion designer, television personality, and author, who is best known for being the fashion expert on the Netflix series “Queer Eye”. France had an eye for fashion since he was young and he studied fashion at Doncaster College. After graduating, he started working for Zara and also worked at Selfridges and Chanel to learn more... read full bio

Tan Le

Book Tan Le for your next event.

Tan Le is a Vietnamese-Australian telecommunications entrepreneur, and co-Founder of Emotiv, a bio-informatics company which strives to discover biomarkers in the brain for mental and other neurological conditions using EEG. Le champions efforts to cure and treat various neurological disorders. Her family fled war-torn Vietnam when she was four years old- an experience she shares with audiences in one of... read full bio

Tangerine Dream

Book Tangerine Dream for your next event.

Tangerine Dream, this seven time Grammy nominated European band, is a singular phenomenon. As an instrumental band, using just high-end modern technology, simultaneously surrounded by a strong rock-n-roll identity, they will hardly fit into any given musical pigeonhole. Many have tried to copy what became known after years as The Tangerine Dream Sound" - so far absolutely unsuccessfully. They always... read full bio

Tango Seduccionv

Book Tango Seduccionv for your next event.

Widely regarded as the greatest Tango show ever, TANGO SEDUCCION utilizes exciting production and top artistic creativity as it portraits the story of the most sensual dance ot all time, The Argentinean Tango. For the first time, the fascinating history of tango is shown in the most unique and original way of story-telling by means of theatrical combinations. TANGO SEDUCCION... read full bio

Tania Maria

Book Tania Maria for your next event.

Internationally renowned for her exhilarating vocals and keyboard artistry Tania Maria's music is a unique combination of jazz, funk and the popular music of her native Brazil. She has created an eclectic fusion that is more exciting than pure jazz. Tania Maria's vibrant voice, brilliant piano work and outstanding performances have made an artist of increasing international popularity. Without doubt,... read full bio

Tanika Charles

Book Tanika Charles for your next event.

Tanika Charles is a Canadian soul and R&B singer-songwriter who is based in Toronto, Ontario. She began her career as a back-up vocalist for Isis Salaam, Bedouin Soundclash, and Emmanuel Jal before beginning her solo career under the name Ms. Chawlz. From there, Charles released her debut EP, “WhatWhat!What!” along with her debut single “Silly Happy Wild”. From there, Charles... read full bio

Tanika Ray

Book Tanika Ray for your next event.

Tanika Ray began her career as a dancer and actress. While dancing, she performed for huge artists like Will Smith, The Backstreet Boys, Peter Andre, and the late Aaliyah. She was featured on NYPD Blue, Lois & Clark, Living Single, Family Matters, and Wayans Brothers. Ray then moved on to provide voice and moments for shows like Cyber Lucy, Wheel... read full bio


Book Tank for your next event.

Dozens of artists claim to be the Messiah of R&B - the chosen one called to restore the genre to its original glory, manifested through greats like Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Al Green and Donny Hathaway. At the end of the day, that restoration speaks for itself and it's clearly present when one listens to the music of Tank. Nicknamed... read full bio

Tank and the Bangas

Book Tank and the Bangas for your next event.

Tank and The Bangas began collaborating at an open mic in New Orleans. The spur-of-the-moment combination of all the artists together (Tank, Norman Spence, Joshua Johnson, Merell Burkett, and Nita Bailey, amongst others) was the start of something great. The group is a mix of poetry, R&B, and soul, giving audiences a new take on music. Their unique, almost theatrical... read full bio

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