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Adrienne Bankert

Book Adrienne Bankert for your next event.

Adrienne Bankert is a New York based correspondent who is currently a reporter and anchor for ABC News where she has been featured on ABC series such as Nightline, Good Morning America, and World News Tonight. Bankert has earned her B.A. in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Southern California and while there, she was the television host... read full bio

Adrienne Boissy

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Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA, is the Chief Experience Officer at Cleveland Clinic, a TED speaker, an empathy amplifier, and neurologist. Boissy has earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston University and has gone on to earn her M.D. from Hershey Medical Center at Pennsylvania State University. During her time with Cleveland Clinic, Boissy began working as a staff neurologist before she... read full bio

Adrienne Janic

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Adrienne Janic, also known as just AJ, is an actress, model, and television host, most well known as the co-host of TLCs Overhaulin, an automotive reality series. She was also a host of Hot Import Nights, an automotive show on the Speed Channel, and is an enthusiast of G-bodys. Along with Mike Phillips of Autogeek, Adrienne hosts Competition Ready on... read full bio

Adrienne Lawler

Book Adrienne Lawler for your next event.

Adrienne Lawler began her career in broadcasting as the director of sales and marketing for an advertising business before accepting a position as an anchor on BBC World Business & SKY. Her ability to interact with people was essential when she went on to anchor "Everything Must Go!", the highly rated daytime show on ITV. Following their appearances on the BBC,... read full bio

Adrienne Smith

Book Adrienne Smith for your next event.

Adrienne Smith is a woman on a mission, both on and off the football field. As a wide receiver for the Boston Renegades, she has established herself as one of the best in the game, having won two gold medals and five national championships in women's tackle football. Her success in the sport has made her the face of women... read full bio

Afdhel Aziz

Book Afdhel Aziz for your next event.

Afdhel Aziz is a brand strategist and marketer who specializes in delivering cutting-edge campaigns, content, and experiences that harness popular culture. He is currently the Creative Director for Absolut Labs, which is a think tank that uses art, music, and technology to make nightlife more inclusive and innovative. Aziz has worked with global brands such as Procter & Gamble, Heineken,... read full bio

Afi-Tiombe Kambon

Book Afi-Tiombe Kambon for your next event.

Afi-Tiombe Kambon is a motivational speaker, actor, and oral historian of African-American history. Kambon graduated from Hayward University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and is working on her Masters in Theatre Arts and History. Her story is one of strength, Kambon had cancer as a childhood and because of this became an amputee. Because of her passion in African-American... read full bio


Book Afterburner for your next event.

Global enterprises are trained by Afterburner to perform faster and achieve their strategic goals with more frequency. More than 150 US Fortune 500 firms are included in Afterburner's comprehensive list of clients. A total of 1.7 million corporate executives have participated in an Afterburner program and they gave it an average rating of 9.2 out of 10. Through the development of... read full bio

Afterburner Inc.

Book Afterburner Inc. for your next event.

Afterburner was started by Jim Murph Murphy, a fighter pilot that started the meaning of Flawless Execution while he was working in the Air Force. He uses the flawless execution method on companies and organizations to help grow, learn lessons, and create structure to become more successful. The Afterburner team consists of current and former fighter pilots, U.S. Navy SEALs... read full bio

Afua Hirsch

Book Afua Hirsch for your next event.

Afua Hirsch is a renowned author, journalist, lawyer and filmmaker who has won awards for her work on Black history, culture and identity in the African diaspora and beyond. Hirsch is the author of Equal to Everything, a children's book about the UK Supreme Court and the Sunday Times bestseller Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging, which received the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood... read full bio

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Book Agapi Stassinopoulos for your next event.

A renowned best-selling author, engaging speaker, and renowned wellness authority, Agapi Stassinopoulos is renowned for her transforming work in enabling people to live more satisfying lives. She has developed into a highly sought-after facilitator at Thrive Global, where she leads workshops that encourage people to revolutionize the way they work and live. She has a wide variety of talents and... read full bio

Aida Mollenkamp

Book Aida Mollenkamp for your next event.

With a diverse culinary background and a passion for sharing her knowledge with food enthusiasts, cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp prepared delicious dishes while providing answers to questions submitted by Food Network viewers in her first interactive cooking show, Ask Aida. She currently hosts FoodCrafters, on the Cooking Channel, in which she leaves the kitchen to uncover handmade food finds from... read full bio

Aida Osman

Book Aida Osman for your next event.

Aida Osman is an up-and-coming television writer and comedian who grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the only black family in the city where her and her autistic brother were raised as strict Muslims. While growing up, Osman often felt isolated from everyone and felt even more isolated when she came out as bisexual. Later in life, Osman had the... read full bio

Aida Turturro

Book Aida Turturro for your next event.

Playing Janice Soprano on the HBO TV series The Sopranos earned Aida Turturro two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She has also appeared in a number of films, including True Love, Jersey Girl, What About Bob, Junior, Money Train, Sleepers, Jaded, Fallen, Illuminata, Deep Blue Sea, Mickey Blue Eyes, Bringing Out the Dead, Play... read full bio

Aidan McCullen

Book Aidan McCullen for your next event.

Aidan McCullen is a change consultant who works with organizations to enhance their ability to cooperate and foster change. The Global Innovation Show, which broadcasts on Finland's Business FM and Ireland's national broadcaster RTÉ and counts Bill Gates as a listener and supporter, is hosted and founded by Aidan. In the top-ranked business school in the world, Trinity College Business School, he created... read full bio

Aija Mayrock

Book Aija Mayrock for your next event.

Aija Mayrock is a young woman who experienced bullying firsthand both in person and over the Internet because of a speech impediment she had. Instead of letting her experiences break her down, she channeled her positive energy into writing and self-publishing The Survival Guide to Bullying, where she shares the strategies that helped her survive and thrive. Aija writes about... read full bio

Aileen Lee

Book Aileen Lee for your next event.

Aileen Lee is a U.S. seed investor, a venture capital investor, and founder of Cowboy Ventures. She coined the Silicon Valley term, unicorn, which is defined as a privately held startup that has a billion dollar valuation. Lee started her career working as an M&A analyst for Morgan Stanley. She went on to work in business development at Gap Inc.... read full bio

Aimee Mullins

Book Aimee Mullins for your next event.

Aimee Mullins was recognized as one of the Greatest Women of the 20th Century at the Women's Museum in Dallas, honoring her success and contributions as an athlete. She holds world records in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash and long jump. Off the track, she was one of three nationally chosen high school students to receive full scholarships awarded by... read full bio

Ainissa Ramirez

Book Ainissa Ramirez for your next event.

Ainissa Ramirez is a renowned materials scientist and an inspiring science communicator from the United States. Her passion for science was ignited during her childhood when she watched the PBS show, 3-2-1 Contact. Seeing a young black girl solving problems and enjoying science on the show inspired her to pursue a career in science. Ramirez attended an all-girls Catholic high school... read full bio

Ainsley Earhardt

Book Ainsley Earhardt for your next event.

Ainsley Earhardt is a respected journalist and television personality, currently serving as the co-host of Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Ainsley has established herself as a trusted anchor and correspondent on the network, covering a wide range of breaking news stories and events. In addition to her work on... read full bio

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