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H Sinno

Book H Sinno for your next event.

Based in New York, Hamed Sinno is a composer, writer, performer and social justice activist. His study looks at digital vocality and the voice organ as platforms for political discourse. H discusses popular culture as an active practice in his writing and talks. As the front man and lyricist for Mashrou Leila, he has led discussions in the Middle East regarding... read full bio


Book H-Town for your next event.

H-Town is an American R&B and hip-hop group based out of Houston, Texas, which consists of members Solomon “Shazam” Conner, and Darryl “G.I.” Jackson. H-Town was founded by twin brothers Keven “Dino” Conner and Solomon “Shazam” Conner and GI. Dino has since passed, but Shazam and GI have continued to perform. Originally, Shazam and Dino began singing in a duo... read full bio

H. Jon Benjamin

Book H. Jon Benjamin for your next event.

H. Jon Benjamin is an American voice over actor, comedian and actor, best known for his roles as Bob Belcher in “Bob’s Burgers” and Sterling Archer on “Archer”. He also starred in the live action series on Comedy Central “Jon Has a Van”. Jon’s film credits include “Not Another Teen Movie”, “Martin & Orloff”, and “22 Jump... read full bio

H.e. Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman

Book H.e. Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman for your next event.

Dr. Omar Bin Sulayman is the former Governor of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in Dubai. He has a doctorate in leadership from the United States. Also, he served as the chief executive officer of Dubai Internet City (20022004) and then as a director general of the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (20042006) before he was appointed in his... read full bio


Book H.E.R. for your next event.

Gabriella Wilson, better known by her stage name H.E.R., is an American RnB musical artist who has released one self-titled album. The album reached its highest position on the Billboard charts in the United States at number 47, and it reached its highest position on the RnB charts in the United States at number 5. Wilson has also recorded a... read full bio

H.M. Queen Noor Of Jordan

Book H.M. Queen Noor Of Jordan for your next event.

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan delivers an insightful message of peace and hope. In a time of international uncertainty, Her Majesty Queen Noor is a voice of reason and reassurance on the principles of social justice, equality, and human rights as sure foundations of security and peace. In recognition of her efforts to advance development, democracy and peace, Queen... read full bio


Book H31R for your next event.

Brooklyn rapper/vocalist maassai and New Jersey producer/composer JWords form the experimental electronic hip hop duo H31R (pronounced heir/air). They have released their latest single, "HeadSpace," on the Ninja Tune label Big Dada. Following their remarkable debut release, "ve·loc·i·ty," which attracted notice right away from Pitchfork, The Wire, Brooklyn Vegan, Okayplayer, Cabbages, Bandcamp, and other outlets, comes this album. H31R releases... read full bio

Ha Ha Tonka

Book Ha Ha Tonka for your next event.

Ha Ha Tonka, a musical force that originated in the rough terrain of the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri, is known for effortlessly crafting songs that perfectly blend the spirit of high lonesome Ozark mountain music with the unrestrained spirit of rock 'n' roll. When they teamed up with Bloodshot Records, their journey took a crucial turn, and on September 11,... read full bio

Ha Ji-won

Book Ha Ji-won for your next event.

Actress Jeon Hae-rim, who performs under the stage name Ha Ji-won, is more often known by her birth name. Her roles as Hwang Jini in the historical drama Hwang Jini on KBS, Gil Ra-im in the romantic comedy Secret Garden on SBS, and Empress Ki in the historical drama Empress Ki on MBC are the ones that have brought her... read full bio


Book HAAi for your next event.

With sets that incorporate rare songs from all over the world, London-based DJ/producer Teneil Throssell (aka HAAi) hopes to highlight the innate psychedelic characteristics in dance music. Throssell started DJing after playing for a while in the psychedelic band Dark Bells, first as a resident at Ridley Road Market Bar. She substantially raised her profile when she was hired as... read full bio

HaBanot Nechama

Book HaBanot Nechama for your next event.

Habanot Nechama is made up of three beautiful, experienced singers, Karolina , Dana Adini and Yael Deckelbaum. Habanot Nechama is a live band in the deepest sense, having built a huge and very dedicated following before ever releasing even one single. No one could possibly have predicted the enormous success HaBanot Nechama found with their eponymous debut album. The August... read full bio

Haben Girma

Book Haben Girma for your next event.

Haben Girma is an American lawyer and disability rights advocate who is best known for being the first graduate to be blind and deaf from Harvard Law School. Girma was born in Oakland, California, and she lost her vision as well as her hearing at a young age. While growing up, she benefited from the Americans with Disabilities Act and... read full bio


Book Habibi for your next event.

Having a voice has never seemed more vital at a time of political unrest and cultural unrest. This occurs at a critical time for Habibi. The band's first EP in more than four years and crucially the first one with lyrics in Farsi, is "Cardamom Garden." For the band, who are keenly conscious of music as both a natural part of their... read full bio

Hablot Brown

Book Hablot Brown for your next event.

Hablot is a trio of indie and neo soul musicians with tinges of RnB. They haven’t been around for very long but they’re already drumming up quite a crowd. The three of them launched Soulection’s Black Label. Their EP “OPAQUE” comes from a very tumultuous and foggy point in their lives that took each of them by surprise in 2019.... read full bio


Book Habstrakt for your next event.

Habstrakt is a French producer who debuted on Monstercat with his song “Infinite”. It came out on June 6, 2019 as part of the “Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 7”. July 25, 2019: Habstrakt released his second Monstercat single, Lasagne in collaboration with Bellecour. The song is featured on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 7. August 26, 2019: Habstrakt released his third Monstercat single,... read full bio

Hackensaw Boys

Book Hackensaw Boys for your next event.

The roots rockers Hackensaw Boys make a spectacular comeback with their next self-titled album. The group, which is renowned for its upbeat live performances, has been working as a type of musical collective for more than 20 years, establishing a songline that spans every branch of American roots music. They have performed at festivals all over the world, shared stages... read full bio


Book Hackle for your next event.

American recording artist Hackledown, sometimes known as Hackle Down On Em (HDOE), is a native of San Jose, California. Hackle only released two tracks under the moniker Burlapper—"I See Burlap" and "Hunted Down"—before taking them down. He cited Divine Council and Sickboyrari as influences. Hackle and Sematary first connected on Instagram and later joined Haunted Mound, a collective. He made his Hackle... read full bio

Hadassah Lieberman

Book Hadassah Lieberman for your next event.

The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Hadassah Lieberman found herself amid a whirlwind of excitement on the presidential campaign trail. Married to Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate in the 2000 presidential election, Mrs. Lieberman has dedicated much of her life's work to women's health issues, assisting nonprofit organizations, improving educational standards, and promoting international understanding.... read full bio


Book Haerts for your next event.

Haerts is a German indie pop band/duo that is based in Brooklyn, New York. Nini Fabi is the vocalist of the duo while Ben Gebert plays the guitar and the keyboard. The bands first EP is entitled Hemiplegia, and they released a self-titled debut studio album as well. Early on in the life of the band, Nini and Ben, who... read full bio


Book HAEVN for your next event.

Jorrit and Marijn were brought to one another as a kind act of the universe, allowing them to learn about one another's love of music and storytelling. They realized right away that Jorrit's musical hues and Marijn's calming voice made a distinctive combination. They quickly acquired a strong, intuitive "common sense" to forge their own musical realm, which they termed HAEVN.... read full bio

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