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Fetty Wap

Book Fetty Wap for your next event.

For the Grammy-nominated Trap&B artist named Fetty Wap, known for sharing his love about his ride or die chick on his breakout hit ""Trap Queen,"" his hustle never stops. Fetty Wap hails from New Jersey, like Redman and Joe Budden, calling home to a city called Paterson. The rapper explains it was difficult growing up there, specifically pointing out that... read full bio


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Feux was exposed to music early on because he grew up with three elder brothers who had all tried rapping before him. De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Mos Def were some of his earliest musical influences, but he wasn't ready to start recording music on his own until he had an enlightened encounter with psychedelics. With his bilingual... read full bio

Fever 333

Book Fever 333 for your next event.

Fever 333 is a rapcore group that consists of members Jason Aalon Butler, Stevis Harrison, and Aric Improta. The group has released an EP, “Made an America”, and will be releasing their debut album, “Strength in Numb333rs”. Fever 333 has toured with Bring Me the Horizon and The Used, and has performed at festivals such as Lollapalooza. Some of their... read full bio

Fever Ray

Book Fever Ray for your next event.

Karin Dreijer, known to audiences as Fever Ray, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Formerly part of the electronic music duo, Knife, Dreijer has broken off into her own solo act. Her music is alternative, comprised of electronic beats, edited sounds, and a mixture of high pitched and deep vocals. Dreijer keeps her true look secret in most videos, photo... read full bio


Book Fhin for your next event.

"Fhin is an electronic music artist from Paris, France. He is a talented producer and multi-instrumentalist. Fhin has demonstrated exceptional abilities playing the guitar, drums, and singing. As a self-taught artist, Fhin has been able to develop his own unique and alternative electronic music. Fueled by his love of creating original music, Fhin has evolved his sound several times. Fhin’s... read full bio

Fickle Friends

Book Fickle Friends for your next event.

Fickle Friends is an indie rock band that hails from Brighton, East Sussex in England. They’ve been playing since 2013 and the band consists of Natassja Shiner on vocals, keyboard, Harry Herrington on bass, backing vocals, Sam Morris on drums, and Jack Wilson on keyboards. They all met while Natassja and Sam were at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.... read full bio

Fiction Family

Book Fiction Family for your next event.

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek got together to create a musical collaboration dubbed Fiction Family. They have also added a bassist and a drummer, Aaron Redfield and Tyler Chester. Fiction Family has released a self-titled album under ATO Records. It placed as number 71 on the charts. They also released a single entitled “When She’s... read full bio

Fidel Ramos

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Fidel Ramos, also known as FVR and Eddie, is a retired Filipino general and politician who has previously served as the 12th President of the Philippines. Ramos was born in Lingayen, Pangasinan, Insular Government of the Philippine Islands and earned his degree in Civil Engineering at the National University in Manila. He then went on to earn a B.S. in... read full bio


Book Fideles for your next event.

The Italian team Daniele Aprile & Mario Roberti are at the forefront of techno music, fusing epic and melodic elements to create sophisticated, modern sounds that have stimulated and electrified dance floors and events all over the world. Some of the biggest names in the melodic house and techno dance genre have taken notice of the duo's music, which draws on... read full bio


Book FIDLAR for your next event.

Los Angeles-based punk rock band FIDLAR has been seen performing on TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Conan. Just a few years after they formed and began recording, the group shared the stage with major artists, including The Black Lips and The Hives. Named by Stereogum as one of the 40 Best New Bands, FIDLAR has released three EPs:... read full bio

Field Guide

Book Field Guide for your next event.

Field Guide, sometimes known as Dylan MacDonald, creates worlds. Encircled by cozy textures and centered around his amiable voice, his sophomore full-length aptly named creates his most captivating universe to date. With unwavering melodies at its core, it exists in a space between hope and darkness. The sometimes-tense confluence of such truths—loving someone deeply yet being drawn toward something new, finding... read full bio

Field Medic

Book Field Medic for your next event.

Kevin Patrick Sullivan's low-fi folk endeavor is called Field Medic. At the age of 18, he was introduced to the music of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, whose works altered his conception of what a song could be and helped him create his own sound. Because he believed that his home recordings were a more accurate representation of what he was... read full bio

Fields of the Nephilim

Book Fields of the Nephilim for your next event.

Fields of the Nephilim is an English-based gothic rock band that originally got together in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. This was back in 1984. You may have heard the term “Nephilim,” which refers to a mysterious race of angel-human hybrids from the Bible. The band – which consists of Carl McCoy, Gav King, Adam Leach, Tony Pettitt, and Lee Newell – has... read full bio

Fifth Harmony

Book Fifth Harmony for your next event.

Fifth Harmony is an American girl group. It consists of current members Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane Hansen, and formerly Camila Cabello. Each girl auditioned separately for The X-Factor. After being eliminated during the boot camp round they were brought back and put into a girl group. Fifth Harmony came in third on The X-Factor and... read full bio

Fighting Jamesons

Book Fighting Jamesons for your next event.

The Fighting Jamesons perform traditional music in a way that is fierce and upbeat for the present day. The Fighting Jamesons became well-known on the East Coast very rapidly. Renowned Irish rock performers including Dropkick Murphys, The Saw Doctors, and Young Dubliners have all performed with them on stage. Formed in the tradition of legendary Celtic acts such as Flogging Molly... read full bio


Book Fightstar for your next event.

The members of the British rock group Fightstar are Charlie Simpson, Alex Westaway, Dan Haigh, and Omar Abidi. The group is from London, United Kingdom. Simpson, a member of the pop-punk group Busted, met Alex Westaway and Omar Abidi at a party, which led to the formation of Fightstar. The trio started to jam out together after that, and "Too... read full bio


Book Fiji for your next event.

One of the most inventive and energetic performers the Pacific Rim has ever produced, Polynesian recording artist George "FIJI" Veikoso is still a major force in modern island reggae music. FIJI, a pioneer of the Lost Coast Sound, rose to international prominence with his golden voice and wide-ranging musical repertoire when he left his native island of Fiji at the... read full bio

Fiji Blue

Book Fiji Blue for your next event.

Fiji Blue is a genre-bending duo from Los Angeles that consists of members Valentin Fritz and Trevor Dering. The duo began their musical careers while studying at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. The duo bonded over a taste in similar music and once they moved to Los Angeles, the duo began to pursue their musical career. After working... read full bio

Fil Bo Riva

Book Fil Bo Riva for your next event.

Filippo Bonamici, who goes by the stage name Fil Bo Riva, is an Italian singer, musician, songwriter, producer, and artist. His style blends elements from indie rock, indie pop, folk and soul and is led by the timbre of his distinct voice. He started singing and playing guitar when he was just 10 years old, living in Rome, Italy. When... read full bio


Book Filharmonic for your next event.

The FilHarmonic is a group of six vocalists who perform with a melodic acapella style. They mix urbanesque hip hop with 1990s nostalgia and amaze their crowds with their wide variety of backgrounds in the performing arts industry. They come from backgrounds with jazz, opera, pop, classical, theatre, and more. This group of six Filipino-Americans has been featured on The... read full bio

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