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Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

Book Gary Puckett & The Union Gap for your next event.

Gary Puckett’s unmistakable, signature voice garnered six consecutive gold records & multiple Top 40 records including “YOUNG GIRL”, “WOMAN, WOMAN”, “LADY WILLPOWER”, “OVER YOU”, “THIS GIRL IS A WOMAN NOW”, “OVER YOU” and more. He and The Union Gap became one of the most successful music groups in the sixties. Puckett picked up a guitar as a teenager, and began... read full bio

Guy Bavli

Book Guy Bavli for your next event.

Guy Bavli, who defines himself as the Master of the Mind, is among one of the leading mentalists in the entertainment industry today. As an entertainer, he showcases his ability to bend and twist what people believe to be reality. He has been a headline performer in such prestigious entertainment venues as Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Carnegie Hall... read full bio

Goran Visnjic

Book Goran Visnjic for your next event.

Goran Visnjic is a Croatian actor, who has performed in both American and British films and television. Born in Dalmatian, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Visnjic started his career appearing in plays throughout his childhood and made his screen debut at age sixteen. Initially cast as Laertes and understudy to Hamlet, he took over the role when the front-runner dropped out of the... read full bio

George Hamilton

Book George Hamilton for your next event.

George Hamilton is best known for his debonair style, radiant charisma and Casanova qualities. His incessantly flawless bronzed skin tones have over the years become somewhat of a pop culture inside joke. With his strikingly attractive looks, Hamilton made quite a splash earlier in his career when he signed with MGM films. One of his best-known films was the iconic... read full bio

Georgia Satellites

Book Georgia Satellites for your next event.

At a time when rock & roll didn't care about its roots, the Georgia Satellites came crashing into the charts with a surprise hit single to remind everybody where the music had come from. The hit single, ""Keep Your Hands to Yourself,"" rocked as hard as an old Chuck Berry song, as well as being almost as clever. The Satellites... read full bio

Good Riddance

Book Good Riddance for your next event.

Good Riddance is a punk band made up of lead vocalist Russ Rankin, guitarist Luke Pabich, bassist Chuck Platt, and drummer Sean SC" Sellers. The band is heavily influenced by punk music and is known for combining punk music sounds with catchy melodies. The band recorded and released seven studio albums and a hand full EPs before announcing they were... read full bio

God Squad - The Clerical Dream Team

Book God Squad - The Clerical Dream Team for your next event.

The famous duo, Rabbi Marc A. Gellman, Ph.D. and Reverend Monsignor Thomas J. Hartman have teamed up to become distinctively known as The God Squad. The pair host a daily, thirty-minute television talk show that reaches almost 12 million homes in the New York area and both write for the syndicated column GOD SQUAD for Tribune Media Services. They are... read full bio

Gary U.S. Bonds

Book Gary U.S. Bonds for your next event.

Belting out gritty and soulful vocals, Gary U.S. Bonds, reached high levels of stardom during his day. Gary, an American R&B and Rock and Roll musician-songwriter, performed as Gary Anderson but adopted the U.S. Bonds nickname after the release of his debut single, New Orleans, was distributed to radio stations with the inscription to Buy U.S. Bonds. He released several... read full bio

Gerri Willis

Book Gerri Willis for your next event.

As host of The Willis Report on FOX Business Network, Gerri Willis dissects the news of the day and explains its effect on your wallet. Willis and her panel of experts always bring the story back to how it impacts the American taxpayer, serving as an advocate for consumers everywhere. Prior to joining FOX, she was host of Your Bottom... read full bio

Grupo Control

Book Grupo Control for your next event.

"Formed in the small town of Control in the late '90s by ex-Duendes de Control Sergio and Jos Guadalupe Degollado, Mexican Grupo Control made its debut with the release of Cumbias Sin Control in 1999. It combined the Colombian Cumbia and traditional norteo style, featuring hit singles. Control's history is long. It began 18 years ago. Its starring roles belong... read full bio

Grandmaster Flash

Book Grandmaster Flash for your next event.

DJ Grandmaster Flash and his group the Furious Five were hip-hop's greatest innovators, transcending the genre's party-music origins to explore the full scope of its lyrical and sonic horizons. Flash was born Joseph Saddler in Barbados on January 1, 1958; he began spinning records as teen growing up in the Bronx, performing live at area dances and block parties. By... read full bio

Greg Warren

Book Greg Warren for your next event.

Greg Warren has set himself apart from other comedic performers with his unique sense of humor, dry wit and likable demeanor. Warren has harnessed his Midwestern upbringing and paired it with an arsenal of comedic characters, which have captivated his audiences. He most recently starred in his own Half Hour Comedy Central Special about his conflicting high school identities as... read full bio

George Duran

Book George Duran for your next event.

A cutup both in and out of the kitchen, this comedic cook combined his two great loves performing and food as the star of the Food Network's Ham on the Street. George Duran's culinary interests lie in French, Armenian and South American cuisines. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.... read full bio

G. Garvin

Book G. Garvin for your next event.

"Gerry Garvin is a chef and author. He is also known as G. Garvin, and he is the host of the popular series Turn up the Heat on TV One. His bestselling cookbooks include: Turn Up the Heat, Make It Super Simple with G. Garvin and Dining In. Passionate about helping others, Garvin created the One Bite At A Time... read full bio

Georgetown Cupcakes

Book Georgetown Cupcakes for your next event.

Georgetown Cupcake is owned and operated by sisters, Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis. Georgetown Cupcake. The sisters started their company when they both left their careers to start a bakery. They opened their first bakery in Washington, DC. They soon opened more bakeries across the country. They were also featured on the TLC reality show, Georgetown Cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcake... read full bio

Goose Gossage

Book Goose Gossage for your next event.

Goose Gossage played 21 seasons for nine different teams, spending his best years with the New York Yankees and San Diego Padres, before retiring. Gossage was one of the earliest manifestations of the dominating closer, with wild facial hair and a gruff demeanor to go along with his blistering fastball. During his career, Gossage pitched in 1,002 games and... read full bio

Graham Hill

Book Graham Hill for your next event.

Alternately described as serial entrepreneur, do-gooder, and designer, Graham Hill certainly enjoys variety. Now, he finds his future happily confined to the social entrepreneurship arena as founder of the website, a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. is also part of the Planet Green initiative at Discovery Communications.... read full bio

George Lakoff

Book George Lakoff for your next event.

Professor George Lakoff is one of the world's best-known cognitive scientists, linguists and also leading experts on the framing of issues in politics. This form of framing involves setting up concepts and theoretical perspectives on how individuals, groups, and societies organize, perceive, and communicate about reality. It is an unavoidable process of selective influence over the individual's perception of the... read full bio

Glen Phillips

Book Glen Phillips for your next event.

Glen Phillips is a songwriter, lyricist, singer and guitarist best known as the singer and songwriter of 1990s alternative rock group Toad the Wet Sprocket. Toad the Wet Sprocket signed with Columbia Records and disbanded after recording six albums and playing many major tours. Following the breakup of Toad, Phillips released his first solo album, Abulum. This was followed up... read full bio

Gerry Spence

Book Gerry Spence for your next event.

Attorney Gerry Spence is recognized as one of the finest trial lawyers in America today. His brilliant legal analysis and engaging style bring a passion to American courtrooms gone since the days of Clarence Darrow. He is the founder and director of the non-profit Trial Lawyer's College where lawyers learn to try cases on behalf of the people. He is... read full bio

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