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Freddy and Francine

Book Freddy and Francine for your next event.

Freddy & Francine are an American folk duo that consists of members Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso. The duo are husband and wife and they have recently released their soulful album “I Am Afraid to Die!.” This is Freddy and Francine’s fifth album thus far and some of their other albums include “Moonless Night,” “The Briar Patch,” “The Forest and... read full bio

Florence Arman

Book Florence Arman for your next event.

Florence Arman is an up-and-coming Austria based singer-songwriter that blends together pop and alternative music to create her own unique sound. Arman found herself immersed into music from birth as her mother was a vocal coach and her father was a composer and conductor. She found herself splitting her time between the United Kingdom where her mother lived and Germany... read full bio


Book Frawley for your next event.

Frawley is an up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter from New Jersey. While growing up, Frawley immediately found her love for music and began studying voice, dance, as well as musical theater in school. After a while, Frawley took her new found talents and began releasing videos of her singing to social media outlets which included Facebook and Instagram. During this time, Frawley... read full bio


Book FEET for your next event.

FEET is an up-and-coming indie-rock band from Coventry, England, that consists of members George Haverson, Ben Firth, Oli Shasha, Callum Parker and Harry Southerton. FEET began their career with the release of their debut single, “Petty Thieving.” The band formed while they were all studying at Coventry University and found themselves bonding over their love for mutual bands which include... read full bio

Frank Ray

Book Frank Ray for your next event.

Frank Ray developed a love for country music at a young age. Dividing his time between his mother’s home in San Antonio, Texas and with his father in Columbus, New Mexico, he was exposed to a diverse musical catalogue. But country music, particularly ranchera music, stood out to him the most. While he had apprehension of becoming a country musician... read full bio


Book FlashPants for your next event.

FlashPants is a tribute band with a focus on one of the most electric and upbeat decades ever: the 1980s. FlashPants is one of the most hired bands in all of California and they play over 200 shows every single year. They are a Las Vegas-style 80s cover band that might be one of the most energetic that you’ll ever... read full bio


Book Furthur for your next event.

The Grateful Dead separated four months after Jerry Garcia's death in 1995. Members later played in RatDog, Phil Lesh and Friends, the Rhythm Devils, the Other Ones, and the Dead. After a four-year sabbatical following their "Wave That Flag" summer tour in 2004, the Dead performed two 2008 gigs supporting the Obama campaign, branded as "Deadheads for Obama" and "Change... read full bio


Book fiN for your next event.

With the release of their first four singles on limited edition 7" vinyl, sold-out performances at London's The Borderline and Bush Hall, extensive touring across Europe with acts like Muse, The Kooks, Incubus, and Feeder, to name a few, and early success, fiN rose to prominence in late 2011 and early 2012. Over the course of their career, fiN have played... read full bio


Book Friendzone for your next event.

American instrumental hip-hop group Friendzone was headquartered in East Bay, California. It included producers Dylan Reznick and James Laurence. On January 30, 2017, it was revealed that James Laurence, who was 27, had passed away from unspecified causes. The songs "Chuch" and "Perfect Skies" by Main Attrakionz, which were included on the mixtape 808s & Dark Grapes II in 2011,... read full bio

Frank Darabont

Book Frank Darabont for your next event.

Nominated for three Academy Awards and a Golden Globe, Frank Darabont is a Hungarian-American film director, screenwriter and producer. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, The Blob and The Fly II were among the horror movies he mostly wrote the screenplays for in his early career. The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist are just a few of the Stephen King... read full bio

Fred Jones

Book Fred Jones for your next event.

Former NBA basketball player Frederick Terrell Jones is American. He competed in college basketball for the Oregon Ducks, and at the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, he won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Born in Malvern, Arkansas, Fred Jones relocated to Portland, Oregon when he was in middle school. While attending Sam Barlow High School in Gresham, a suburb of Portland,... read full bio

Folklore Mexicano Dance Company

Book Folklore Mexicano Dance Company for your next event.

The Folklore Mexicano Dance Company is a ballet folklorico ensemble that specializes in indigenous dances from Mexico's numerous regions, each of which has its own bright costumes, distinctive music and dance forms. Research is the foundation of the Folklore Mexicano Dance Company. Their dances are based on ethnographic and anthropological research they've done while traveling around Mexico and interacting with the... read full bio

Flamenco Festival 2016

Book Flamenco Festival 2016 for your next event.

After 20 years of operation and a global audience of more more than 1.6 million, Flamenco Festival has presented more than 140 companies and 1250 shows, showcasing the top performers of the day, from well-known artists and traditional flamenco icons to the most avant-garde, rising young stars of dance and music in this genre. Miguel Marin developed and directed the... read full bio

Fox Lake

Book Fox Lake for your next event.

Fox Lake has spent the last five years carefully straddling the line between opposites, drawing ideas from a myriad of distinctive sources to produce work that is both universal and individual. The group has managed to be equal parts Rage Against the Machine and Slipknot, Hatebreed and the Beastie Boys by evoking the attitude and imagery of 1990s boom-bap hip-hop,... read full bio

Femi Tahiru

Book Femi Tahiru for your next event.

Alt-RnB and Soul newcomer Femi Tahiru has dominated the music landscape since since the release of his eagerly awaited first album, "D.E.M.O.S" EP! His debut EP combines 7th chord guitar riffs with light but active percussion, swooning vocal melodies, and other elements to create recognizable yet delicate soundscapes. Femi Tahiru began to establish a solid reputation at Manchester's renowned independent... read full bio

Francis of Delirium

Book Francis of Delirium for your next event.

Francis of Delirium is the collaboration of two generations working for a specific rock vision. Jana Bahrich, 19, a Vancouver native, is one half of the band. She plays guitar, sings, and creates songs with a fascination for 90s grunge, a period she didn't personally experience but feels deeply connected to. Chris Hewett, a Seattle native 30 years her senior,... read full bio

fish narc

Book fish narc for your next event.

Ben Friars-Funkhouser had been singing and playing in bands since he was was a child, thus the beginning of fish narc was a clear break from those activities. After learning how to use Ableton Live, Ben joined Thraxxhouse and Gothboiclique and started incorporating his rock songwriting and guitar playing into his beatmaking and production. His final work, Goth Angel Sinner, was... read full bio

Fake Fruit

Book Fake Fruit for your next event.

Hannah D'Amato met musician Alex Post at a party after relocating to the Bay Area. Alex was an Arthur Russell fanatic who composed intricate ethereal guitar instrumentals. A few weeks later, drummer Miles MacDiarmid opened the door for D'Amato after the two ran into one other by coincidence at a New Year's Eve party. She laughed as she greeted him,... read full bio

Freya Beer

Book Freya Beer for your next event.

Freya Beer is a West London-based singer-songwriter who has been hailed as "a raw and fascinating new talent" d riven by alternative fashion, music and literature. Through a gothic soul and a spirit that dares to dream in the dark, Freya distills her various influences. Beast, Freya's debut album, received excellent reviews and widespread praise after its release. With her independently released debut... read full bio

Frost Children

Book Frost Children for your next event.

Lulu and Angel Prost, two siblings living in New York City, created Frost Children. They have published a number of full-length works that cross genres. The two are already well-known for their boisterous live performances; it's not unusual to see them enter the stage carrying a massive pair of smiley, paper-mache Mesaryth stars, which serves as the official Frost Children... read full bio

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