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Joanie Sprague

Book Joanie Sprague for your next event.

Joanie Sprague is an American model, podcast host, carpenter, and reality television star. Sprague studied economics and computer science at the University of Findlay but dropped out to pursue a career in modeling. Her father pushed her to finish her degree though, so she moved back to finish her degree then went on to be a contestant on the reality... read full bio

Carrie Dorr

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Carrie Dorr is a health and fitness expert, entrepreneur, speaker, and creator of the Wellneur Wheel. Door earned her JD from Wayne State University and her BS in Business Pre Law from Michigan State University. Since then, she has gone on to be on the board as an advisor or seat for companies such as LCatterton, WJ Partners, Café West... read full bio

Michelle Easton

Book Michelle Easton for your next event.

Michelle Easton is the President and Founder of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (CBLPI), who promotes conservative women role models who advocate conventional family ideals and groom young women for conservative leadership. The foundation also puts together an annual calendar and hosts campus lectures, conferences, seminars, and summits highlighting conservative women leaders on the rise. Before establishing CBLPI, Michelle... read full bio


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Yuri “Keith” Jew is an American League of Legends esports player who currently plays support for Golden Guardians Academy as well as for Golden Guardians. Keith began his career in esports playing for Team Gyrations. Over the years, he has gone on to play for teams such as Team LoLPro, Team Liquid Academy, Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, Cloud9 Tempest, CLG... read full bio

Andre Guilhoto

Book Andre Guilhoto for your next event.

Andre Guilhoto is a Portuguese League of Legends esports player who is currently the coach for team Origen. Prior to coaching Origen, Guilhoto has coached for Giants Gaming Spain, Giants Gaming, and FC Shalke 04 Esports. Over the course of his esports career, Guilhoto’s accomplishments include placing 1st-2nd in the EU CS Summer while with Giants Gaming, placing 1st in... read full bio

Kristen Hancher

Book Kristen Hancher for your next event.

"Kristen Hancher is a social media star from Canada. Currently, Hancher resides in Los Angeles, California. She rose to fame after being featured on, a video platform. Hancher is a talented dancer and gymnast. She has her own YouTube channel, which she consistently updates with make-up tutorials, advice videos, and social media musings. Hancher has about 20 million followers... read full bio

Francine Gargano

Book Francine Gargano for your next event.

Francine Gargano is the owner of Francine A. Gargano, Esq. Gargano has a history of working in the legal service industry and is an expert on topics which include legal writing, negotiation, arbitration, trial practice, dispute resolution and more. Gargano has previously earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and government from Seton Hall University and has earned her Juris... read full bio

Sah D'Simone

Book Sah D'Simone for your next event.

Sah D’Simone is a spiritual guide, meditation teach, speaker, and author who is known for leading the spiritually sassy movement, which is heart-based. Through his movement, D’Simone uses ancient techniques to find joy and authenticity to help reach enlightenment. He also travels all over the globe to share his spiritually sassy movement to ensure that he brings joy into healing.... read full bio

Ashlee Ammons

Book Ashlee Ammons for your next event.

Ashlee Ammons is the co-founder and President of Mixtroz. It is a company that she co-founded with her mother after the two had similar awkward experiences on the same week trying to meet people at live events. Mixtroz is a service that makes work and play easier and more satisfying. It increases engagement, and collects data at events. Ammons started... read full bio

Dr. Jacob Rosenstein

Book Dr. Jacob Rosenstein for your next event.

Dr. Jacob Rosenstein is an expert on the topics of longevity and aging. The Founder and Medical Director of Southwest Age Intervention Institute, he is also a board certified neurosurgeon who transformed his own health and wellness many years ago when he noticed fatigue and lack of energy was slowing him down. He created an evidence-based program of hormone optimization,... read full bio

Zane Lamprey

Book Zane Lamprey for your next event.

Many people have a few drinks to relax after work. For Zane Lamprey, however, having a few (or a few too many) drinks IS work. But he's not complaining. Zane has circled the globe knocking back an endless variety of booze while capturing his imbibing exploits for the cult-hit TV show Three Sheets on the Travel Channel. The show follows... read full bio

Anna Nixon

Book Anna Nixon for your next event.

Anna Nixon is one of the biggest names in robotics, having won awards in the field. She is also a very accomplished speaker, teacher, and leader that represents the post millennial generation. She got her start in robots when she was very young – her dad brought home a small robotics kit, which she took to really fast. The two... read full bio

Fred Frese

Book Fred Frese for your next event.

Frederick J. Frese III, Ph.D. is a psychologist with over 40 years of public mental health care experience. He is a professor of psychiatry at Northeast Ohio Medical University, a clinical assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University, and the coordinator of the Summit County Recovery Project in Akron. Fred was Western Reserve Psychiatric Hospital's Director of Psychology for 15... read full bio

Lynette Young

Book Lynette Young for your next event.

Purple Stripe Productions' creator, Lynette, also serves as Mingl Marketing's interim head of marketing technologies. She collaborates with brand agencies, internal staff members, and career-minded professionals to develop and successfully implement strategic and tactical initiatives to increase visibility, draw talent, expand the clientele, and attract new clients via the social web. She has more than 1.5 million Google+ followers... read full bio

Dave Caperton

Book Dave Caperton for your next event.

Like you, joy strategist, author and speaker Dave Caperton has highs and lows. Dave blends laughter, solid research and storytelling to teach corporations, individuals and groups how living and working with intentional joy is an act of leadership, courage and a disciplined will. Dave has 20-plus years of real-world experience speaking, coaching, consulting and writing about the benefits of a... read full bio

Alex Ihama

Book Alex Ihama for your next event.

Alex Ihama is a global leadership and management consultant with over two decades of experience in enabling governments, corporations, churches, communities, and schools to develop the capacity and abilities they require to achieve stringent goals and objectives. An executive coach to politicians, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and a host of elite clients, Ihama travels the world extensively each year... read full bio

Bill Irwin

Book Bill Irwin for your next event.

Bill Irwin, with his Seeing Eye dog Orient, is the only blind person to have completed the 2,168 mile Appalachian Trail. This amazing odyssey was the single most publicized human endeavor that year, and an inspiring example of overcoming the odds for all! Bill continues to inspire millions of persons each year as a much sought after motivational speaker. His... read full bio

Ron Rosenberg

Book Ron Rosenberg for your next event.

Thousands of Presentations Ron has presented thousands of presentations to businesses and associations serving a wide range of industries and professions. During his professional speaking career of 22 plus years, he has presented to over 65,000 people in industries including retail, self-storage, funeral, nursery and landscape, medical and dental, and others too numerous to list. He has also worked with groups... read full bio

Roseann Sdoia, Boston Marathon Survivor

Book Roseann Sdoia, Boston Marathon Survivor for your next event.

Today, as a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor and amputee, Roseann is making great strides in changing the lives of others. As one of the top motivational speakers and more recently a published author of Perfect Strangers, Roseann combines her powerful, personal story of perseverance with her professional corporate background and offers lessons learned throughout her challenging comeback journey as insightful,... read full bio

Ernesto Zedillo

Book Ernesto Zedillo for your next event.

Ernesto Zedillo is a Mexican economist, politician and former President of Mexico. He is currently Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Professor in the Field of International Economics and Politics, Professor of International and Area Studies, and Professor Adjunct of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University. Prior to running for the presidency, Mr. Zedillo worked... read full bio

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