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Book Opia for your next event.

Opia is an electronic group made up of members Cole Cintrenbaum, DJ Stanfill, and colorthought. The group formed after meeting at Yale, combining their musical talents to create an independent and alternative sound. Opia combines light vocals, slinky beats, and jazzy, rhythmic sounds, entrancing listeners. Their hit, ‘Falling,’ went viral, and the group later toured with Marian Hill, a prominent... read full bio

Penthouse Penthouse

Book Penthouse Penthouse for your next event.

Penthouse Penthouse is an electronic music duo comprised of members Preston James and Mike Parvizi. Influenced by the Los Angeles music scene, Penthouse Penthouse creates their own electronic music vibes mixing R&B beats with electronic tracks. They meld different genres together, producing a unique experience for listeners worldwide. Penthouse Penthouse has worked with artists like XXYYXX, Salva, Glitch Mob, Chloe... read full bio


Book Pional for your next event.

Pional is a producer, remixer, and electronic musician from Madrid. His career began after he released singles and remixes on a variety of labels. He once used the alias “Alt Fenster” where he started to release music under. Pional creates his own original tracks using vocals, instruments, and a live drum machine. He has toured with John Talabot, another producer,... read full bio


Book Pusher for your next event.

Pusher is a musician, producer, and electronic DJ from Toronto. Pusher’s style of music has a wide range, it can be anywhere from 90’s R&B, trap, pop, jazz, and can put it all together to form something no one else has done before. Pusher paves the way for what the future of electronic music will be and is sure to... read full bio

Ramona Lisa

Book Ramona Lisa for your next event.

Ramona Lisa is the project of composer and vocalist Caroline Polachek. She chose to release her music in an alternative way, through choreographed and costumed live sets under a variety of different monikers. Later, her LP, ‘Arcadia,’ was released under Polachek’s definite stage name, Ramona Lisa. Polachek self-produced her first record, recording vocals into her laptop and composing background sounds... read full bio

Rival Consoles

Book Rival Consoles for your next event.

Ryan Lee West, better know as Rival Consoles, began playing music at the age of 12. As a multi-instrumentalist, Rival Consoles used his musical background to move into electronic music producing. His compositions draw out the technicality of electronic music, emphasizing the patterns of music. Rival Consoles studied music technology at De Montfort University and previously was working under the... read full bio

Saint WKND

Book Saint WKND for your next event.

Saint WKND is the act created by Maximilian Seethaler. The artist fuses together sounds of techno and house music to create ethereal, deep indie dance beats. Less than a year after releasing his first material via SoundCloud, he has now garnered over 6 million plays and hit Hype Machine at number 1. Artists like Pharrel Williams, Daft Punk, and Jay... read full bio

Samo Sound Boy

Book Samo Sound Boy for your next event.

Samo Sound Boy is an electronic music artist, producer, co-founder and existing label head of the label Body High, and half of the DJ duo Dodger Stadium. As a solo artist, Samo Sound Boy has fine-tuned his sound, holding true to traditional electronic and techno genres, but giving his tracks a new twist. He has released a total of six... read full bio


Book Superpoze for your next event.

Gabriel Legeleux, better known as Superpoze, is an electronic music artist. In addition to Superpoze, Legeleux is also apart of the group Kuage which he has with his friend Stwo and Kitsune. His career began abruptly; Superpoze was launched into the spotlight after releasing several tracks, EPs ‘From the Cold’ and ‘Jaguar.’ He landed a live tour, performing at top... read full bio


Book TCTS for your next event.

Sam O’Neill, better known as TCTS, is a DJ and producer from Manchester, England. The electronic music artist rose to fame upon submitting a single ‘1997’ to Rob Adock’s BBC Introducing radio show. TCTS later received acclaim from Pitchfork magazine, BBC Radio 1, and 1Xtra. He followed up his initial release with EP Games, which produced the United Kingdom Dance... read full bio

Team EZY

Book Team EZY for your next event.

Drew Gold, better known as Team EZY, is an electronic music production artist fronted by Drew Gold. Working in Los Angeles, Gold was able to collaborate with a variety of different artists, including Skrillex. His sound developed over time, as Gold began working on his music in high school. He was influenced by artists like Pretty Lights and Bonobo, but... read full bio

The Black Madonna

Book The Black Madonna for your next event.

The Black Madonna has made a name for herself as an electronic music technician. She is known for her vinyl sets, spinning tracks from a variety of different genres. Her infectious energy and connection with audiences makes her live performances a one-of-a-kind experience. She has obtained a residency at Smart Bar, was the first Creative Director at the club, and... read full bio

The Blaze

Book The Blaze for your next event.

The Blaze is a French producer and director duo that consists of two cousins Jonathan, and Guillaume Alric. They create a new form of electronic dance music, filled with intense and intimate beats. Although not known as a household name yet they’re known for their music videos that are Oscar-worthy and rack up well over a million views on Youtube.... read full bio

Tom Tripp

Book Tom Tripp for your next event.

London based electronic music producer Tom Tripp rose to fame after releasing his debut single, Aurelia. The track garnered nearly one hundred thousand plays, putting Tripp on the production map. Inspired by genres like grime, R&B, and electronic, Tripp combines the genres to create something unique. Tripp combines synths, string instruments, and tinkling electronic beats in his tracks. His debut... read full bio

Tornado Wallace

Book Tornado Wallace for your next event.

Tornado Wallace currently resides in Berlin. Growing up in Melbourne, Wallace was inspired by his friends to DJ. When they needed an opener for a club night, Wallace was recruited, as he was known for playing around with music production on his computer. Wallace was instantly drawn to DJ-ing, and that’s where his success story begins. Wallace is now known... read full bio


Book TR/ST for your next event.

TR/ST is the electropop act of Robert Alfons. The artist met up with Maya Postepski of Austra to collaborate for the act. The duo released their self-titled debut album to critical acclaim, garnering responses from publications like Pitchform Media and Insound. Later on, Postepski left TR/ST to pursue a career with Austa and as a solo artist. Alfons continued to... read full bio

Two Fresh

Book Two Fresh for your next event.

Two Fresh is an alternative hip-hop duo comprised of twin brothers Sherywn and Kendrick. Influenced by their upbringing around southern rap and electronic music, the duo combines the two genres to create a unique sound. They have produced tracks for artists like Mac Miller, Towkio, and The Underachievers. Two Fresh displays a creative new take on dance music, hip-hop, and... read full bio

Unlike Pluto

Book Unlike Pluto for your next event.

Unlike Pluto is an electronic music act created by Armond Arabshahi. His sound is a blend of trap, house, dubstep, and bass genres. Pluto started to teach himself how to play piano at a young age. That caused him to fall in love with music and slowly learned how to play guitar, drums, and clairinet. He also didn’t limit himself... read full bio

Vicktor Taiwo

Book Vicktor Taiwo for your next event.

Vicktor Taiwo is an electronic artist from London. Prior to his musical career, Taiwo was a photographer. He found himself drawn to performing, and decided to begin his musical career. Inspired by Corrine Bailey Rae, Radiohead, and Brian Eno, Taiwo creates his own style of music. It’s filled with lush beats and synthetic notes, transporting listeners into a retro world.... read full bio


Book Vindata for your next event.

Vindata is a DJ duo consisting of Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress. Their music consists of hip-hop beats with R&B passions, and a hint of indie-pop. They use percussion and soulful vocals on their music. The duo gained recognition when they came out with their single “All I Really Need” featuring Kenzie May. The single caught Skrillex’s attention and he... read full bio

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