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Alisa Turner

Book Alisa Turner for your next event.

Alisa Turner is a Christian worship artist who releases all of her passions and emotions into her music. Turner has had a rough upbringing, she lost her father to a heart attack when she was 20, was bedridden for six years from muscle atrophy, and lost her baby in childbirth. None of these terrible circumstances have stopped Turner from remaining... read full bio

DJ Bostan

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DJ Bostan is an up-and-coming DJ and producer that performs house and EDM music and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout the course of his career, DJ Bostan has performed in cities which include Instanbul, Dubai and Amsterdam. After graduating from high school, DJ Bostan went on to begin working for Street Club and then went on to... read full bio

Dalton Dover

Book Dalton Dover for your next event.

Dalton Dover found a love for singing in church, a love that would compel him to participate in (and win) school talent shows. The next natural step for him would be to start a band and play at different venues around town. He made his TV debut on The Voice and quickly became an audience favorite. This love was propelled... read full bio

Grace Leer

Book Grace Leer for your next event.

Grace Leer is a California native with a lot of talent. The country music star has been singing since she was six years old and this tradition carried on through her adulthood. But before taking on the world with her professional singing career, Grace decided to attend college to play D1 soccer at the University of California Berkeley. However, it... read full bio

Madeline Merlo

Book Madeline Merlo for your next event.

Canadian singer-songwriter Madeline Merlo is a country pop sensation with over a decade of songwriting under her belt. After singing with Open Road Recordings back in 2014, she released her first self-titled EP which garnered a fair amount of positive press. Just two years later, her first official studio album “Free Soul” was released and the album peaked at 88... read full bio

Megan Moroney

Book Megan Moroney for your next event.

Megan Moroney is one of the newest names in country singers making waves across the internet. After hitting viral fame on TikTok, Megan’s debut single “Wonder” is reaching vast audiences with high critical acclaim. Originally hailing from Douglasville Georgia, Megan connected to the country/rock genres from an early age. Her dad would listen to The Eagles, Jackson Browne, James Taylor,... read full bio

Question Party?!

Book Question Party?! for your next event.

Dan Davies and Michael Stauffer host one of the most original trivia shows around. It’s not just trivia: it’s a hybrid between quiz questions, comedy, limbo, and sometimes even Mariah Carey sing-a-longs. The two of them have been working together for some time, originally hosting a latte art competition. Now, with Question Party!, they’re turning the trivial competition into something... read full bio

Chad VanGaalen

Book Chad VanGaalen for your next event.

Chad VanGaalen, best known for the song “Peace on the Rise”, is a multi-instrumentalist from Calgary, Alberta. Chad’s first big-ish release was “Infiniheart” back in 2004 on the Canadian indie label Flemish Eye. This was a series of songs that he recorded himself inside his own bedroom – a true DIY project. Eventually, he was picked up by the label... read full bio

Chris Garneau

Book Chris Garneau for your next event.

Chris Garneau is a singer-songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts who has had quite the career. From 2006 up until now, he has released six albums with the most recent one – “The Kind” – coming out in 2021. Chris quickly found an audience within those looking for music that focused on personal and heartfelt lyrics. What sets Chris apart from other... read full bio

Trevor Powers

Book Trevor Powers for your next event.

Trevor Powers, formerly known as Youth Lagoon, has been making music since 2010. While he retired from the Youth Lagoon project in 2016, he did return, operating under his birth name. It’s more or less a continuation of what Youth Lagoon established, a neo-psychedelia, Americana, and experimental project. The debut album “The Year of Hibernation” was released under the Fat... read full bio

C Duncan

Book C Duncan for your next event.

C Duncan, born Christopher Duncan, had very talented musician parents. The two of them practiced classical music and performed regularly, while Christopher took up piano and viola lessons. Needless to say, music has always been a part of his life. Once he reached his teenage years, Chris began performing in different bands, learning to play the guitar, bass, and drums.... read full bio

Squirrel Flower

Book Squirrel Flower for your next event.

Squirrel Flower, or Ella Williams, is a Massachusetts native who got involved in the Boston DIY scene at a young age. As a child, she gave herself the nickname Squirrel Flower, a name that would carry much significance in her later musical career. As a child, she wrote poetry and that would later influence her songwriting. Ella’s family has always... read full bio


Book Vacations for your next event.

Vacations – comprised of Jake Johnson, Campbell Burns, Joseph Van Lier, and Nate Delizzotti -- is an indie-rock band coming straight out of Newcastle, Australia. While touring in Europe with their band Chin Up Chin Up, they decided to try a little experiment: start a band with no guitars. While the current iteration of Vacations features guitar, it still pushed... read full bio


Book Dehd for your next event.

Dehd is a trio – Jason Balla, Emily Kempf, and Eric McGrady – based in Chicago with an incredible chemistry. This reverb-heavy surf rock group has a unique sound that came so intuitively. In 2016, Dehd released their debut self-titled album and the very next year, they released the “Fire of Love” EP under Infinity Cat Recordings. As they released... read full bio


Book Duster for your next event.

Duster -- a space rock band from San Jose, California – had an incredible run from 1996 until 2001, before calling it quits. Then, after 19 years, they came back to give it another go and they’re still kicking. Their first album, “Stratosphere”, was released in 1998 under the Up Records label. The seventeen track album was a hit, getting... read full bio


Book Tamaryn for your next event.

Tamaryn Brown comes from New Zealand, where she lived with her mother and grandmother. They were Junigan psychologists who owned a halfway house for runaway teenagers, thus Tamaryn feels as though she was raised alongside thirty other brothers and sisters. She relocated to the United States when she was a little bit older and was exposed to the music scene.... read full bio

Allison Ponthier

Book Allison Ponthier for your next event.

Allison Ponthier, as her website states, is a “wide-eyed misfit” who hails from the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. With that said, she has a foot in country music, but her sound is more akin to indie-folk. Allison’s emphasis on emotional storytelling in her music is indicative of that fact. But her style is far from traditional folk and country. Allison’s... read full bio


Book fanclubwallet for your next event.

fanclubwallet, stylized with all lower-case letters and no spaces between each word, is the stage name of Ottawa-based artist Hannah Judge. She started writing music in college, writing songs that were “depressing garbage” but soon dropped out of college and began pursuing it full time. Hannah had divided her time between penning comics and writing music – if there was... read full bio

The Wild Reads

Book The Wild Reads for your next event.

The women-led band The Wild Reeds is full of multi-instrumentalists and highly talented singer-songwriters. Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva, Mackenzie Howe, Nick Pakpiseth, and Nick Jones make up this quintet that can be described as an indie-folk rock group with a touch of country. They’ve released three albums, the latter two of which were under the Dualtone records banner. The newest... read full bio


Book Ringside for your next event.

Ringside, started by Scott Thomas, is an indie pop-rock band consisting of Scott and actor Balthazar Getty. Scott – after apparently nearly dying at birth, being adopted, and nearly burning down his hometown of Lafayette – got his hands on his uncle’s massive record collection. From there, his passion for music took off. Scott moved to Los Angeles, living with... read full bio

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