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Ward Davis

Book Ward Davis for your next event.

Ward Davis is alternative country musician right out of Nashville, Tennessee. Davis has a true Americano, Country sound. Hes had the honor of working with one his biggest inspirations, Willie Nelson, and other country artists including Trace Adkins, Merle Haggard, Wade Hayes, and Buddy Jewel. Davis is not only a talented musician, hes also a seasoned songwriter and has co-written... read full bio

Crystal Waters

Book Crystal Waters for your next event.

When you hear the name Crystal Waters, you immediately think of a woman whose talent and brand has sustained her 20-year career, yet the breadth of her work continues to engage new fans and please her enormous base. She is best known for her string of domestic and international number one dance hits, including her signature smash, Gypsy Woman (She's... read full bio

Jimmy Clanton

Book Jimmy Clanton for your next event.

Pop vocalist Clantons smooth singing style appealed to the teen market and his subsequent releases were aimed in that direction. 'My Own True Love' used the melody of 'Tara's Theme' from Gone With The Wind. His most famous record, 'Venus In Blue Jeans', co-written by Neil Sedaka, gave him his last US Top 10 hit, in late 1962. The song... read full bio

Tim Timmons

Book Tim Timmons for your next event.

California native Tim Timmons is a Christian Contemporary Artist who released his debut album, Cast My Cares, on Reunion Records. The album charted in the top 25 of both the US Christian and US Heat charts. His entrance into the professional music world came after a decade long battle with cancer. The doctors gave him a few years, but he... read full bio


Book Cordovas for your next event.

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Cordovas is a rock band known for their four-part harmonious vocals contrasted with rowdy, rambunctious Americana-style rock and roll and a hint of folk music. The band is comprised of Joe Firstman on bass/vocals, Jon Loyd on keyboard/vocals, Lucca Soria onguitar/vocals, and Graham Spillman on drums/vocals, and they have quickly become cult favorites in the... read full bio

Alexandra Savior

Book Alexandra Savior for your next event.

Alexandra Savior is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. The artist got her start signing a recording contract with Columbia Records. Her musical influences include Otis Redding, Amy Winehouse, Jack White, and Adele. Upon hearing Saviors rendition of Big Jet Plane Courtney Love commented, This girl is going to be huge. Her first demo was featured on the soundtrack of True... read full bio

Julie Byrne

Book Julie Byrne for your next event.

Julie Byrne hails from Buffalo, New York. Influenced by her fathers guitar playing, Byrne creates her music with the same style. Her guitar playing is paired with ethereal vocals, delivering an angelic folk sound. She has released two studio albums, Rooms With Walls and Windows and Not Even Happiness. Byrne has been featured on Pitchfork and in the Guardian.... read full bio

A. A. Bondy

Book A. A. Bondy for your next event.

Auguste Arthur Bondy, or A. A. Bondy, is an alternative folk artist from Birmingham, Alabama. His mellow music is comprised of guitar, vocals, and sometimes harmonica. The artist has released three albums and has received notice for single songs in each album. His song Killed Myself When I Was Young was used in Friday Night Lights. A Slow Parade was... read full bio


Book Femina for your next event.

Femina is a rap fusion group made up of three women from San Martin de los Andes. Their music is a combination of traditional Latin beats and melodies, folk vocals, and funky rap. Femina represents diverse regions, wanting to deliver a global music sound. They released their first album Deshice de mi independently, and their second album Traspasa was released... read full bio

Half Waif

Book Half Waif for your next event.

Influenced by a numerous amount of eclectic artists, Nandi Rose Plunkett or Half Waif, delivers a rich collage of sound to every listener. Taking direction from popular artists such as Joni Mitchell, Celtic singer Loreena McKennitt, and her Indian bhajan roots, Half Waif created her own form of music. Half Waif has released two EPs and two albums, one of... read full bio

The Mynabirds

Book The Mynabirds for your next event.

Singer-songwriter and pianist Laura Burhenn founded The Mynabirds band. The band has been mentioned by Pitchfork, describes as _openhearted, politically engaged, feminist pop that, miraculously, never veers into schmaltz. The Mynabirds have an upbeat, pop sound, created using guitar and piano, paired with Burhenns smooth, sensible vocals. The Mynabirds have toured with Bright Eyes, David Bazan and Crooked Fingers. Their... read full bio

Andreas Moe

Book Andreas Moe for your next event.

Andreas Moe is a Swedish singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Inspired by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Michael Jackson, Andreas Moe began his music career at an early age. Moe has recorded with artists like Avicii, Tiesto, Hardwell, and more. Moe has opened for John Mayer several times. He has released several singles and EPs, as well as... read full bio

Bipolar Sunshine

Book Bipolar Sunshine for your next event.

Bipolar Sunshine is a British singer from England. Originally a part of the Manchester band, Kid British, Bipolar Sunshine decided to start his solo career. His debut EP, Aesthetics, became iTunes free single of the week. His single, Where Did the Love Go, was featured on BBC Radio 1s playlist, and Deckchairs on the Moon charted at number 85 in... read full bio

Kodie Shane

Book Kodie Shane for your next event.

Up and coming female rapper, Kodie Shane, got her start as the only female member of Lil Yachtys Sailing Team. Born and raised in Chicago, she was exposed to music at a young age. Her father is Danny C. Williams of the trio Rick, Ran & Dan, her aunt is singer Cherelle, and her sister is Brandi Williams of Blaque.... read full bio

The Posterz

Book The Posterz for your next event.

The Posterz are a hip-hop group from Montreal. The group is comprised of three members, Husser, Joey Sherrett, and Kris the $pirit. The Posterz deliver a dirty hip-hop sound, filled with profound lyrics and deep bass beats. The Posterz have been mentioned on Noisey's online publication and receive positive feedback via YouTube.... read full bio

Code Orange

Book Code Orange  for your next event.

Code Orange is a hardcore metallic band from Pennsylvania. The band performs intense, screaming punk songs containing heavy drums and guitar. They started out as a straightforward punk band but moved into a darker, deeper type of punk metal when Bob Rizzo joined the band. Code Orange has released three studio albums, two EPs, and several other independent releases. Their... read full bio


Book Blaenavon for your next event.

Blaenavon is an English indie rock band comprised of three members. Ben Gregory provides vocals, Frank Wright is on bass, and Harris McMillan is on drums. Their sound is vibrant and rhythmic, but contains contrasting dark lyrics and themes. Their sound was well received by audiences in the UK, their first album, Thats Your Lot, reached number 54 on the... read full bio

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Book Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever for your next event.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is an indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia, comprised of memebers Tom Russo, Fran Keaney, Marcie Tussie, Joe Russo, and Joe White. The band released their debut EP entitled Talk Tight, followed by their second EP entitled The French Press. The French Press was released to positive critical reviews, and it received an 8.1 out of... read full bio

Rich Aucoin

Book Rich Aucoin for your next event.

Rich Aucoin is an alternative indie artist. He has traveled around the world performing his music, inspired by his encounters and philosophy. Using his worldly knowledge, Aucoin constructs music that connects to listeners. He feeds into the connectedness of the world, reveling in the awesomeness of people, experiences, and our planet. Aucoins music draws influence from artists like Brian Wilson,... read full bio

Marlon Williams

Book Marlon Williams for your next event.

Marlon Williams hails from New Zealand, delivering classic and captivating vocals. His music performances are effortless, songwriting skills are intricate, and his voice is beautiful. Inspired by personal events in his life, Williams draws out his emotions in each song. Williams sound can be described as country, folk, rock, and indie. His music can be cinematic or quiet- he incorporates... read full bio

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