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Book Gotye for your next event.

Born Wouter De Backer, the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriting artist better known as Gotye, has displayed an extreme passion for music and an undeniable drive in becoming one of the most successful Australians in music history. He has won five ARIA Awards and received a nomination for an MTV EMA for Best Asia and Pacific Act, as well as won three... read full bio

Gotts Street Park

Book Gotts Street Park for your next event.

Josh Crocker (bass, production), Tom Henry (keys) and Joe Harris (guitar), members of the Leeds-based trio, met while playing in and around the city's thriving live music scene. They have each produced and written music for artists such as Kali Uchis, Yellow Days, Celeste and Mabel. Combining on their common enthusiasm for "The idea of doing things live in one room," the writing... read full bio

Goth Babe

Book Goth Babe for your next event.

Griff Washburn, better known as his stage name Goth Babe, is an alternative indie singer-songwriter who began his career performing in Nashville, Tennessee. After working in Nashville for a while, Washburn moved to New York City before settling in Los Angeles. He has since gone on to travel and perform all over the West Coast, while self-recording and releasing his... read full bio


Book GOT7 for your next event.

Got7 (or GOT7 is a k-pop all boy group consisting of seven multi-talented members: Mark, Jay B, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. They got their start in 2014 with the release of their debut EP, “Got It”. They followed it up with a second EP called “Got Love” before releasing “Identify”, their studio debut under JYP Entertainment. Even though... read full bio


Book Gossip for your next event.

Gossip, or The Gossip, is an American indie rock band from Searcy, Arkansas, that consists of members Beth Ditto, Nathan “Brace Paine”, Howdeshell and Hannah Blilie. The band was formed in Olympia, Washington, but Beth Ditto, Howdeshell and former drummer Kathy Mendonca. The trio were all originally from Searcy, and moved to Olympia to study at Evergreen State College, they... read full bio


Book Gorillaz for your next event.

Murdoc, a Svengali with buckteeth, is credited as being the creative force behind the four-piece band known as Gorillaz. He is a self-taught bassist with a mind like a steel trap and a burning desire to establish a band that tops the charts. He has a mind like a steel trap. Gorillaz understood from the beginning that having outstanding music... read full bio


Book GorillaT for your next event.

Dropping bass that is so powerful that it tears through existence,  Tate Warner, often known as GorillaT, is swiftly making a reputation for himself in the bass music community. The Colorado producer, who combines trippy soundscapes with powerful, life-or-death drops, has directly supported musicians like Mize, Kill the Noise, Virtual Riot and others. GorillaT's music will entice you and distort your... read full bio

Gorilla Zoe

Book Gorilla Zoe for your next event.

Alonzo Rapper Gorilla Zoe, whose real name is Keith Mathis Jr., is an American who was born in East Point, Georgia. He is well known for being a part of Boyz N Da Hood, a rap group. "Welcome to the Zoo," his debut solo album, was released in 2007. His following two albums, Don't Feed Da Animals and King Kong,... read full bio

Gorgon City

Book Gorgon City for your next event.

Gorgon City is a duo comprised of Kye “Foamo” Gibbon and Matt “RackNRuin” Robson-Scott. The two create electronic music together, performing internationally at festivals and topping international charts. The duo’s first collaboration, an EP titled ‘The Crypt EP’, put them in touch with artists like Navigator, Rubi Dan, and Janai. With a strong start, the duo’s next EP, ‘Real EP’... read full bio

Gordon Ramsay

Book Gordon Ramsay for your next event.

Gordon Ramsay is an English chef. He is best known for his hit show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare. He began his culinary career under special study under some of London’s greatest chefs. After which he moved to France to work in the kitchens of Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon for three years, where he was able to enhance his expertise... read full bio

Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band

Book Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band for your next event.

Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, or simply The Big Phat Band, is an 18-piece jazz ensemble based in California and led by Gordon Goodwin. Goodwin composes most, and arranges all, of the group's performance pieces, as well as playing piano and occasionally tenor saxophone. While using a similar instrumentation to the traditional big bands of the 1930s and '40s, the... read full bio

Gordon Bethune

Book Gordon Bethune for your next event.

Gordon Bethune is an American author, and former chairman and CEO of Continental Airlines. Bethune was born in San Antonio, Texas, and after high school he joined the U.S. Navy where he was an aviation electronics technician. During his time in the Navy, Bethune rose through ranks and retired with twins bars of a full lieutenant. After retiring with the... read full bio

Gordon Bellamy

Book Gordon Bellamy for your next event.

Gordon Bellamy is an American video game executive and USC professor. He has previously been a visiting scholar at the USC Games and has been head of the USC Bridge incubator program. He also serves as President and CEO of the Gay Gaming Professors and has served on the Board of Director of TheWaveVR and has previously been an executive... read full bio


Book Gordo for your next event.

 A global musical movement has already been defined by Diamanté Anthony Blackmon. But now he's back at it: the artist also known as Carnage is back with a new house music alias called Gordo. More than that, it represents for Diamante a new way of thinking and living. Blackmon has a new outlook on life that he is putting into practice through Gordo... read full bio

Gordie Johnson

Book Gordie Johnson for your next event.

Throughout the 90's, Big Sugar released several radio singles, gold and platinum recordings and other notable works. They rose to prominence as a major concert attraction, performing more than 300 gigs annually while touring the US and Canada. Gordie Johnson caught the attention of musicians like the Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones and Black Crowes due to his distinctive technique. Gibson Guitars created... read full bio

Gordie Brown

Book Gordie Brown for your next event.

Best known for his brilliant humor and classic celebrity impersonations, Gordie Brown is also an extraordinarily gifted singer, dancer, and musician who enthralls packed audiences nationwide. Often named one of Las Vegas funniest men alive, Brown is both a versatile comedic actor and an energetic entertainer. With renowned appearances on Evening at the Improv, Twice in a Lifetime and Hollywood... read full bio


Book Gordi for your next event.

Gordi – born Sophie Payten – is a singer-songwriter whose music can be described as “indie pop” and “folktronica.” You may have heard her songs featured on The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, or To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. In August of 2017, Gordi released her very first studio album “Reservoir” under the label Jagjaguwar. Two... read full bio

Gorden Wagener

Book Gorden Wagener for your next event.

Gorden Wagener is a German car designer and chief design officer for Daimler AG. He has been responsible for the design of Mercedes-Benz cars, Mercedes-Benz vans, and Daimler Trucks. Wagener studied Industrial Design at the University of Essen, and went on to study in Transportation Design at The Royal College of Art in London. Upon graduating from college, Wagener started... read full bio

Gord Sinclair

Book Gord Sinclair for your next event.

Gord Sinclair is a musician who is best known for being the bassist and songwriter of the Canadian rock band, The Tragically Hip, which has since disbanded. Sinclair rose to fame with The Tragically Hip. During his time with the band, they released 13 studio albums, and EP, and over 50 hit singles over the course of 33 years. They... read full bio

Goran Visnjic

Book Goran Visnjic for your next event.

Goran Visnjic is a Croatian actor, who has performed in both American and British films and television. Born in Dalmatian, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Visnjic started his career appearing in plays throughout his childhood and made his screen debut at age sixteen. Initially cast as Laertes and understudy to Hamlet, he took over the role when the front-runner dropped out of the... read full bio

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