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Rhythm Evolution

Book Rhythm Evolution for your next event.

RhythmEvolution is a spectacular multicultural choreographed and customized sequenced music show featuring internationally renowned Percussionist and DrumJungle Inc. Producer Daniel de los Reyes along with world class Drummers, Percussionists, Dancers, and Singers performing a heart-pumping fusion of Authentic World Rhythms, Vocals, and Dance.... read full bio

Bebel Gilberto

Book Bebel Gilberto for your next event.

Bebel Gilberto is, simply put, royalty. Her father, Joao Gilberto, is the most revered musician in Brazil, period. Bebel has appeared on albums by some of the most important artists of our time. Caetano Veloso (Circulado), David Byrne (David Byrne), Joao Gilberto (dueting on ""Chega de Saudade"" on Joao Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira) and Chico Buarque (Francisco). On her... read full bio

Kany Garcia

Book Kany Garcia for your next event.

Kany García De Jesus is one of the most famous Puerto Rican singer songwriters in the world. Kany García first appeared on a television as a contestant on a Spanish televised talent show, which received rave reviews. She is widely considered the most successful non-winner in the history of the show. Kany started learning classical music when she was just... read full bio


Book Buscabulla for your next event.

Buscabulla, which means “troublemakers” in Spanish slang, is an experimental musical duo known for their eclectic style and fusion of genres such as funk, pop, Latin, R&B, and electronic music. The duo consists of Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle who met and began creating music together in Brooklyn, New York. Raquel is a DJ and songwriter, while... read full bio


Book Aleesha for your next event.

Aleesha, or Aleesha Rose, is an up-and-coming RnB, pop, latin, and hip-hop artist from Barcelona, Spain who finds influence from Atlanta, Georgia, to create her own unique music. Aleesha releases music in both English and Spanish and performs a very diverse genre of music. Aleesha began her musical career with the release of her debut mixtape, “19:19,” which led her... read full bio

Alaina Castillo

Book Alaina Castillo for your next event.

Alaina Castillo is an up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas, who began her musical career releasing covers to various songs through YouTube and also posting ASMR videos. Through her ASMR videos, Castillo posted ASMR style music covers of songs from artists which included Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Elvis Presley. After she began to gain fame through YouTube, Castillo took... read full bio

Elena Rose

Book Elena Rose for your next event.

An American singer and composer from Miami with the stage name Elena Rose, Andrea Elena Mangiamarchi is of Venezuelan descent. She is well recognized for her collaborations with Becky G, as well as artists like Rauw Alejandro, Tini, and CNCO on the songs "Dollar," "Mejor As," "Funk Total: Vai Danada," "Muchacha," "No Drama," and "Rotate." She released her first single,... read full bio

MJ Nebreda

Book MJ Nebreda for your next event.

MJ Nebreda, a Miami-based artist, is a producer and vocalist of Venezuelan and Peruvian heritage and she is making waves with releases on Channel Tres and JPEGMAFIA-signed label GODMODE as well as writing credits on La Goony Chonga's EP. She is one of the new waves of performers giving the Perreo club sound new life. While Nebreda mixes the vast knowledge of her ancestry into... read full bio


Book Kiltro for your next event.

Chris Bowers Castillo, a Chilean-American musician, relocated to Valparaiso years ago and started working as a walking tour guide there. When Chris returned to Denver, he searched for a name that captured the evocative and slightly rebellious musical ideas brewing in his mind. Chris finally opted on the name kiltro, which is a word used in Chile to describe stray... read full bio


Book LATENIGHTJIGGY for your next event.

Recently, a flood of genre-defying sounds have emerged thanks to the producer-turned-artist trend, but none are quite as distinctive as LATENIGHT.The most vivid example of JIGGY's colorful Latin and Caribbean fusion is his most recent song, "Nela." Jiggy's birth and upbringing both had a significant impact on him. Born in America of Trinidadian descent, he spent his childhood in a... read full bio


Book Nezza for your next event.

NEZZA is a professional dancer, singer and composer who is of Colombian and Dominican descent. Her first EP, Club Solita, was made available through Virgin Records in October. She sings in both English and Spanish over R&B, pop and Latin beats as she celebrates her background. In order to follow her aspirations, the Bay Area native relocated to Los Angeles. She has... read full bio

Renata Zeiguer

Book Renata Zeiguer for your next event.

Renata Zeiguer was born and raised in New York City's Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, where at age six she started learning the piano and violin. Daughter of immigrants from Argentina and the Philippines, she was as inspired by classical music and American jazz standards as she was by Brazilian tropicália and the Beatles. She would listen to her grandmother... read full bio


Book Maye for your next event.

Maye, a multilingual singer/songwriter who was born in Caracas, Venezuela and reared in Miami, was motivated to create songs at an early age since she came from a musical family. Her initial publishing agreement with Warner Chappell Music resulted from the songs she wrote throughout the years and performed in live performances around Miami. The majority of "My Love" by Maye is... read full bio

Luisa Sonza

Book Luisa Sonza for your next event.

Luisa is a gifted singer, composer and digital influencer who became well-known and won over Brazil with her personable charm, support for women's rights and feminist ideologies. Luisa has always been involved with music; she began her professional singing career in her birthplace of Turapendi, Rio Grande do Sul. Since that time, she has intentionally lived and breathed in this universe. Luisa started... read full bio

Sofia Valdes

Book Sofia Valdes for your next event.

When hearing Sofa Valdés' music for the first time, the phrase "yearning" immediately comes to mind. The Panamanian singer-songwriter uses pop music as a kind of meditation and a way to make sense of the world. With emotional expressiveness, contemplation and an examination of her connection to her culture, Ventura, her first EP, examines the volatility of her emotions. With time, the... read full bio


Book MS NINA for your next event.

Her mixtape "Perreando por Fuera, llorando por Fuera" had its first release. Reggaeton's dedication to the new generations of musicians who have access to simple digital tools is manifested globally in the perreo. Different styles, like romantic reggaeton, dembow and favela funk, are explored in this new mix. With the help of collaborators from this scene, like La Favi and Maria... read full bio


Book NOIA for your next event.

The first album by NOIA, which is designed to unfold like a dream, blends a variety of languages—Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and English—and traditional sounds from her youth in southwest Europe to process her personal changes over the previous two years while dividing her time between NYC and Barcelona. Gisela Fullà-Silvestre created the stage name NOIA to distinguish her well-known work as a... read full bio


Book Dinamarca for your next event.

Producer, DJ and co-owner of Staycore, Cristian Dinamarca is well known by his last name and resides in Stockholm. "Staying true to your core" is the guiding principle of the label he co-owns with Ghazal and it guides everything he does. Dinamarca's evocative music strikes you in the center, making you feel as though you're viewing a stunning sunset or remembering your youth.... read full bio

Amore Muere

Book Amore Muere for your next event.

Mabe Fratti, Gibrana Cervantes, Concepción Huerta and Camille Mandoki, members of the experimental group Amor Muere from Mexico City, released their highly anticipated debut album, A time to love, a time to die, on the newly independent and rebranded experimental label, Scrawl. Amor Muere is the result of an exceptional cooperation between four well-known artists, each of whom has a storied career in... read full bio


Book YSY A for your next event.

Spanish and Latin American music have undergone significant change thanks to YSY A, the pioneering figure of the Argentine Trap genre. His career got off to a fast start when he founded the renowned rap contests "El Quinto Escalon" at the age of just 13; this served as a springboard for other greats like Ducki, WOS, Paulo Londra and Trueno. The... read full bio

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