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Book SOJU GANG for your next event.

SOJU GANG has a lengthy CV, having performed for some of Australia's major companies, events, festivals and gatherings. From Boiler Room to Louis Vuitton to Google to Groovin the Moo to Beyond the Valley, Listen Out, Spilt Milk, The Avalanches, Leikeli47, Barkaa, Tera Kora, Joyryde, Apple Music, Spotify, Lalalai Headphones, Ableton, Platypus Shoes, JD Sports, Sugar Mountain Festival and more. Beginning with their weekly program "PENG" on Australia's station for hip-hop and R&B: CADA, SOJU GANG linked up... read full bio


Book Farina for your next event.

FARINA has become one of the most well-known Latin urban female musicians due to to her outspoken lyrics, distinctive voice, empowering raps and spectacular freestyles. She has also gained attention for her daring and extremely avant-garde dress choices. She brings her persona LA NENA FINA to life with her poetry writing, brilliant narrative skills and singing and rapping abilities while expertly fusing dancehall,... read full bio

Usted Senalemelo

Book Usted Senalemelo for your next event.

A exciting blend of indie rock, synth-heavy dance beats and catchy melodies are brought to you by the Argentine band Usted Senalemelo. The iconic works of Luis Alberto Spinetta and Gustavo Cerati, the traditional tonada folk music of Ernesto Hidro Advicencio, as well as some inspiration from Seattle's own Nirvana, are all represented on the albums that each member has contributed... read full bio


Book iLe for your next event.

Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar is a rapper, singer and songwriter who goes by the stage name iLe. She performed as a rapper and singer with Calle 13 before to going solo. (She is the stepsister of Residente [Rene Perez Joglar] and the sister of Visitante [Eduardo Cabra Joglar].) Although it has its roots in traditional Latin sounds from all across the... read full bio

Buena Vista Social Club

Book Buena Vista Social Club for your next event.

Few people outside of the specialized world music audience originally paid much attention to the Buena Vista Social Club album's beautifully crafted songs and cozy, acoustic rhythms upon its debut. Then, something remarkable happened. A few astute critics gave the record a stellar review, but even while their compliments did not hurt Buena Vista, they are unable to account for what... read full bio

Son Rompe Pera

Book Son Rompe Pera for your next event.

When they were little, Son Rompe Pera of Mexico City started accompanying their father on the traditional Mexican marimba at neighborhood gatherings. They are leading the way in the modern worldwide cumbia scene today, pushing the marimba to its boundaries and embracing the lessons they learnt as young people. Their completely original sound combination was born out of a classic... read full bio

Bixiga 70

Book Bixiga 70 for your next event.

Five years after their start, the Brazilian ensemble Bixiga 70 from Sao Paulo continues to journey musically forward, only to discover themselves more and more at home. III, the band's third album, is a luminous and vibrant mash-up of Atlantic cultures. The album's hyper-contemporary discussion travels between Brazilian and African sounds and rhythms, as well as between the band's ten musicians... read full bio


Book RAYBEN for your next event.

Known by her stage name Raven, Karla Ugarte is a Mexican DJ and producer who has risen to prominence in the current electronic music industry. Raven is revered as a goddess in her hometown of "Iztapalapa." Raybens' expertise, sense of humor, and inventiveness have made him a superb musical exponent. Rayben In just two years of professionalizing, he has already... read full bio

Majo Aguilar

Book Majo Aguilar for your next event.

Her family is the most influential musical family in Mexican history, and she was born in Mexico City. Her father is Antonio Aguilar Jr., her uncle is Pepe Aguilar, and her grandparents are Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. She showed an early interest in dancing, singing, and composition. She composed her first song when she was six years old, and... read full bio

Antonio Aguilar

Book Antonio Aguilar for your next event.

Antonio Aguilar, who was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, is the eldest child of two well-known Mexican performers who have been in stage, film, and television: Doña Flor Silvestre and the late Don Antonio Aguilar. His parents performed in musical rodeos all over the world. When their son Antonio was four years old, they incorporated him in the musical performance while... read full bio

J Noa

Book J Noa for your next event.

The youthful composer, Nohelys Jimenez, was raised in a modest home surrounded by music and culture. He was born in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. Her upbringing in an area that encouraged dancing and lyricism at every step. As the boys and young men honed their combat rap skills, she would navigate through the cyphers, observing and scrutinizing. After seeing an interview... read full bio


Book Dora for your next event.

DORA was born into a family with a rich creative legacy, and she immediately displayed her innate musical aptitude. She grew up listening to music in her home, including songs by Kendrick Lamar and Ella Fitzgerald. Following her accomplishments as a Lead Singer in the Creative Junior Big Band and running a profitable YouTube covers channel, DORA launches her solo music... read full bio

Kumbia King Allstarz

Book Kumbia King Allstarz for your next event.

Kumbia King Allstarz’ debut album, Ayer Fue Kumbia Kings, Hoy Es Kumbia All Starz, took the number one spot on Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums chart and the Top Latin Albums chart, as well as emerged on the U.S. Billboard 200. The album produced two hit singles, “Chiquilla” (which peaked at No. 7 on Hot Latin Tracks, No. 9 on Latin... read full bio


Book Gocho for your next event.

When musical genius is encrypted into your DNA, the decision to pursue a career in said genre comes as little surprise. Puerto Rican producer Jose Angel “Gocho” Torres boasts a first-class family pedigree - his grandfather owns the beloved vocal quartet Los Hispanos de Puerto Rico; his father is Rafi Torres, the legendary trombonist who has played with salsa icons... read full bio

Latin Legends Live Featuring Malo, Tierra, and Thee Midniters

Book Latin Legends Live Featuring Malo, Tierra, and Thee Midniters for your next event.

The Latin Legends Live is a compilation of three bands, Malo, Tierra, and Thee Midniters. These bands reign as major forced in the Latin music scene. All three have topped the Billboard Charts, setting standards for Latin Rock and R&B. Malo’s singles peppered pop radio and defined the music industry with flair emanating from their use of rhythm and percussion.... read full bio

Adolfo Urias y su Lobo Norteno

Book Adolfo Urias y su Lobo Norteno for your next event.

Adolfo Urias is the head of the band, Adolfo Urias y su Lobo Norteño. The band also consists of David Palma on the saxophone, Julio Cesar Urias on the bass, Sergio Urias on vocals, and Raul Urias on the drums. Their music uses both the accordion and saxophone, which creates a unique Ojinaga-style musica nortena, while most other norteno groups... read full bio

Leslie Grace

Book Leslie Grace for your next event.

Leslie Grace is an American singer-songwriter from The Bronx, New York City, who was born to Dominican parents. Grace was raised in Davie, Florida, and while growing up she found her love for performing and began acting in musicals and performing in choir and in talent shows. While in middle school, Grace began to pursue a musical career and record... read full bio

Diamante Electrico

Book Diamante Electrico for your next event.

The Latin Grammy-winning Colombian rock group Diamante Eléctrico's style alternates between blues rock, pop-punk, indie rock and R&B. Thanks to their fierce performance approach and their media-savvy videos, their overdriven sound has gained recognition from the rock press as well as musicians like the Foo Fighters and the Rolling Stones on a global scale. As heard on B, which won the... read full bio


Book Nobeat for your next event.

Colombia has developed as a hub for new talent. Nobeat makes an appearance from Santa Marta, a city of 500,000 people renowned for its historical and cultural diversity, to attract the attention of influential people in the industry and global listeners. He is a singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is undoubtedly one to watch because of his successful career. The emerging... read full bio


Book Natiruts for your next event.

Nativus, the band's original moniker, was created in Brasilia. It was made by student Alexandre Carlo during the time. Before the chance to record the first CD presented itself in Rio de Janeiro, it first made an appearance on the university circuit of the Federal Capital and gained distinction from the local scene. From that moment on, the band's history... read full bio

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