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Book Calexico for your next event.

Calexico is a band based out of Arizona serving music lovers a unique blend of musical styles consisting of Tex-Mex plus indie plus Americana. The band’s two founding members first played together in a band called Giant Sand. After a few different lineup changes, Calexico was born, and they recorded their first album entitled Spoke with an independent label called... read full bio

Chicano Batman

Book Chicano Batman for your next event.

"L.A.-based band Chicano Batman plays a mix of Brazilian Tropicalia, psychedelic soul and romantic pop. Made up of Eduardo Arenas as a vocalist and bassist, Carlos Arevalo as a guitarist, Bardo Martinez as the lead vocalist, organist and guitartist, and Gabriel Villa as a drummer. The band has released three full-length albums entitled Chicano Batman, Cycles of Existential Rhyme, and... read full bio


Book Femina for your next event.

Fémina is a rap fusion group made up of three women from San Martin de los Andes. Their music is a combination of traditional Latin beats and melodies, folk vocals, and funky rap. Fémina represents diverse regions, wanting to deliver a global music sound. They released their first album ‘Deshice de mi’ independently, and their second album ‘Traspasa’ was released... read full bio

Ximena Sarinana

Book Ximena Sarinana for your next event.

Ximena Sarinana is a pop music artist from Mexico City. Influenced by artists like Fiona Apple, Bjork, Ella Fitzgerald, and the music of Latin America, Sarinana creates her own twist on pop sounds. Sarinana began her musical career at a young age. She learned to play the piano as a child and took singing lessons with Ricardo Sanchez, a popular... read full bio

Alexander Acha

Book Alexander Acha for your next event.

Alexander Acha is Mexican singer, songwriter and pianist. He specializes in Latin pop just like his father, Emmanuel, who is also a well-known Mexican pop singer. Acha was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal where he began studying music at the tender age of five years old. He received piano lessons from piano maestros in Mexico, Holland, and the United... read full bio

Tomasa Del Real

Book Tomasa Del Real for your next event.

Tomasa Del Real is a Chilean singer, composer, best known for her Reggaeton music. She is also known for being a pioneer for Neoperreo music and is nicknamed “La Reina del Neoperrero”. Real got her start in the music industry recorded herself singing and rapping on her laptop. From there, she started uploading her videos on outlets like Facebook and... read full bio

Charlie Zaa

Book Charlie Zaa for your next event.

Carlos Alberto Sanchez, known by his stage name, Charlie Zaa, is a Columbian singer. He was born near Bogota, Columbia to a family of musicians. His father, Luis Humberto Sanchez, sang boleros with an orchestra. Zaa also began his career by singing with two salsa orchestras: “Grupo Niche” and “Guayacan”. Zaa went on to pursue a solo career as a... read full bio

Monsieur Perine

Book Monsieur Perine for your next event.

Monsieur Perine is a musical ensemble based out of Bogota, Colombia, which currently consists of members Catalina Garcia, Santiago Prieto, Nicolas Junca, Adinda Meertins, Jairo Alfonso, Abstin Caviedes, Miguel Guerra, and Darwin Paez. Their music is an Afro-Colombian sound that mixes in Latin and European sounds. Monsieur Perine’s lead vocalist, Catalina Garcia, sings in Spanish, French, English, and Portugese and... read full bio

Natanael Cano

Book Natanael Cano for your next event.

Natanael Cano is a trap corridos musician from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. While growing up, Cano had a love for corridos; which is Mexican regional folk ballads, a popular style of music in Sonora, Mexico. When he turned 13 years old, Cano began to learn how to play the guitar through watching YouTube tutorial videos. Cano gained inspiration from artists and... read full bio


Book Bhavi for your next event.

Indra, better known as his stage name Bhavi is an up-and-coming Latin hip-hop artist and producer who rose to fame with the release of singles which include “Basta,” “Visa,” “Te Necesito,” and more. Bhavi was born in Brussels, Belgium, and moved to Uruguay when he was six years old. By the time that Bhavi turned 18, he moved back to... read full bio

Jencarlos Canela

Book Jencarlos Canela for your next event.

Jencarlos Canela is an American singer-songwriter and actor from Miami, Florida. He is the older brother of Jason Canela who is also an actor. While growing up, Canela knew he wanted to pursue a musical career and wanted to be the first Cuban Disney Singer. He began his musical career at only 12 years old as the lead singer of... read full bio


Book ECKO for your next event.

Ignacio Matias Spallatti, better known as his stage name Ecko is an up-and-coming Latin singer-songwriter who began his career participating in various freestyle competitions which included El Quinto Escalon and the Redbull Batalla de Gallos. Ecko was born in La Matanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and while growing up, Ecko knew he wanted to pursue a musical career after listening to... read full bio


Book Yendry for your next event.

Yendry is an up-and-coming Latin pop singer-songwriter who grew up in the Dominican Republic as well as Italy. While growing up, Yendry found influence in music genres which included pop-RnB, Latin music, as well as electronic music. Throughout her music, Yendry focuses on voice melodies, harmonies, percussions and electronic sounds. She also likes to mix Latin music with an electronic... read full bio


Book Cimafunk for your next event.

Cimafunk (Erik Rodriguez) comes from the countryside in Cuba, a town called Pinar del Río. The talented artist grew up listening to his mom’s version Michael Jackson at home, as she sang and danced to the salsa at family get-togethers, and while playing the likes of Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, and many others in the form of cassettes. Needless to... read full bio

Bandalos Chinos

Book Bandalos Chinos for your next event.

Indie-pop band Bandalos Chinos is revered by producer Adan Jodorowsky. The Argentine sextet of Gregorio Degano, Salvador Colombo, Tomás Verduga, Matas Verduga, Iaki Colombo and Nicolás Rodrguez del Pozo is known for its catchy melodies, which would make any classical European composer into the teenage leader of their fanbase. They may not have intended for this to happen when they released... read full bio

Tito Nieves

Book Tito Nieves for your next event.

Tito Nieves, who was born in Puerto Rico but was reared in the United States, started his career as a member of the Cimarron orchestra in New York. He immediately formed a partnership with Héctor Lavoe and joined Conjunto Clásico. By singing salsa in English at the beginning of his solo career, Nieves distinguished himself from the rest. His single... read full bio

Victor Manuelle

Book Victor Manuelle for your next event.

Together with Marc Anthony and India, Victor Manuelle became one of the most influential figures in the New York salsa scene during the mid-1990s. Gilberto Santa Rosa served as Manuelle's mentor and albums like Victor Manuelle and A Pesar de Todo frequently placed at the top of the tropical charts. Starting with Decisión Unámine, he added executive production and songwriting credits... read full bio

Adrian Quesada

Book Adrian Quesada for your next event.

The experimental musician and Grammy-winning producer Adrian Quesada is best known for being a co-founder of the seven-time Grammy-nominated psychedelic soul band Black Pumas. Quesada, a native Texan, has a rich musical background that includes producing and singing in funk, soul, psychedelic and various Latin music projects. His most recent works include Jaguar Sound, an instrumental album that pays homage to... read full bio

La India

Book La India for your next event.

India has demonstrated a variety of musical skills throughout her career, including freestyle, house, Latin pop and reggaeton, but her run of chart-topping New York salsa hits for the RMM label in the mid- to late '90s, when she was dubbed the Princess of Salsa by none other than Celia Cruz, will forever define her. In the late 1980s, while freestyle... read full bio

Los Lobos

Book Los Lobos for your next event.

Los Lobos is an American Chicano rock band from East Los Angeles, California that consists of members David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano and Steve Berlin. The group gained attention after the release of the cover “La Bamba”, which peaked at number 1 in 8 different countries and reached certified platinum in Canada. Los Lobos have released fifteen... read full bio

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