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Fyfe Dangerfield

Book Fyfe Dangerfield for your next event.

Fyfe Dangerfield is an English singer-songwriter and musician who is best known for being the member of the indie-rock band Guillemots. Dangerfield was born in Moseley, Birmingham, England, and he began singing in the band Senseless Prayer while studying at Bromsgrove School. He later also began working as a music teacher at Cranbrook College before focusing on music full-time. Dangerfield... read full bio


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Paul Dixon's immersive solo project is called Fyfe. Before discovering electronic music in his teens, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Fyfe spent his childhood honing his violin, piano, trumpet and other instruments and participating in youth orchestras. His wholly contemporary musical style is influenced by a variety of sources. After a trying period of being signed to a major record label, the yearning... read full bio

Fya Fox

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The intriguing new Irish artist, FYA FOX, traverses rolling hills of minimalist, panoramic songwriting while weaving tightly woven tales of moody and melancholy alt-pop. FYA is a classically educated singer who veers away from Ireland's conventional country/folk scene and draws inspiration from artists like Banks, Lana Del Rey and London Grammar. In addition to receiving airplay on BBC Radio 1 (Gemma Bradley),... read full bio

Fuzzy Zoeller

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Fuzzy Zoeller is a golfer who has won ten PGA Tour events including two major championships. Zoeller has won 19 PGA Tours which include the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, and the Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic. Other notable victories Zoeller has earned include Champion Tour wins in the Senior PGA Championship and the MasterCard Championship. He won the Masters Tournament... read full bio


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Futuristic is a hip hop music artist, who was born in Illinois, but is now based out of Arizona. He incorporates his humorous and intelligent personality, along with real life experiences into his work to produce music that stands out from every other artist. His trademark phrase “I had to do it”, as well as his confident and witty flow... read full bio


Book Futures for your next event.

Futures, formerly known as Influencers Worship, is a worship band that consists of members Mark E., Chloe, Ryan, Danae, Mark G., Nicole, Andrew, and Milton. Each member of Futures has united to become a strictly inclusive family. Each of the artists uses their talent to perform the music that God gives them. Futures has previously released their debut single, “Imaginations,”... read full bio


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The indie rock group Futurebirds redefines the genre with their original sound by incorporating a distinct country flair into their music. Although their unassuming demeanor could imply a laid-back experience, their live performances produce high-energy performances with psychedelic undertones. The debut of their first album, "Hampton's Lullaby," which exposed listeners to their enthralling fusion of indie rock and country influences,... read full bio


Book future.exboyfriend for your next event.

Future.exboyfriend, the creation of Tyler Harris, delves into the complex fabric of human emotions and spins a tale that includes themes of loss, love, and reflection within the context of catchy, DIY electro-pop. Harris's position as the lead vocalist of the indie-pop group Mojave Nomads helped him establish his musical identity as a known presence in the local scene. Future.exboyfriend, which... read full bio

Future Thieves

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Young musicians come to Nashville to chicken-pick and twang. They come to sing about trucks, girls, and girls in trucks. Not so with Future Thieves. They came to rock. You hear it in the first seconds of the first track of their first album. Horizon Line, which kicks off with a punchy drum intro. Then the band comes in: a... read full bio

Future Kingz

Book Future Kingz for your next event.

The Future Kidz dance, rap, and sing. They are true entertainers and a master of their craft. The group got their start through YouTube, posting dance videos on a regular basis. Now, they are dance-world stars. They have appeared on Americas Got Talent, The Ellen Show, at the Teen Choice Awards, and other nationally recognized venues. Their hip-hop performances are... read full bio

Future Islands

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Future Islands is an American rock band that consists of members Gerrit Welmers, William Cashion, Samuel Herring, and Michael Lowry. They are best known for their single “Season (Waiting on You)”, which was named best song of the year by outlets Pitchfork and NME. Future Islands have released five studio albums so far with their album “Singles” peaking at 40... read full bio

Future Bible Heroes

Book Future Bible Heroes for your next event.

Future Bible Heroes is an American indie-pop band from Boston, Massachusetts, that consists of members Stephin Merritt, Claudia Gonson and Chris Ewan. Future Bible Heroes is led by Merritt who is known for also being the leader and founder of the pop band The Magnetic Fields. Future Bible Heroes rose to fame with the release of their debut album, “Memories... read full bio


Book Future for your next event.

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, most recognized as Future, is a rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter from Atlanta. Future’s first musical experience was with the Dungeon Family collective, a hip hop/soul group in Atlanta. Future’s first major record deal came when he signed with Epic Records and A1 Recordings. His debut album, Pluto, was well-received upon its debut, and then his... read full bio


Book Fust for your next event.

Evil Joy, Fust's debut album, was a self-described bitter domestic drama preoccupied with the passing of time in the kitchen sink, quantified in moments of leaving, returning and departing again. Genevieve represents an alternative form of departure: relocating, giving up one's previous lifestyle, and beginning a new life in "Family Country." As a result, Genevieve has been used historically to refer... read full bio

Fuse ODG

Book Fuse ODG for your next event.

Fuse ODG is a recording artist, a talented rapper, singer, and songwriter. Best known for his single, ‘Antenna’, which hit the UK Singles Chart at number 7, Fuse ODG has shown his talents in the industry many times, in many different ways. His music demonstrates a combination of different sounds, including world music. Influenced by his upbringing in Ghana, Fuse... read full bio


Book Fuse for your next event.

FUSE is a symphonic force to be reckoned with. Given their commercial sound, classic look and originality, FUSE has become one of the most coveted string acts, performing globally with their one-of-a-kind Swarovski Crystal-encrusted electric violins, made exclusively for their unparalleled performances.... read full bio


Book Furthur for your next event.

The Grateful Dead separated four months after Jerry Garcia's death in 1995. Members later played in RatDog, Phil Lesh and Friends, the Rhythm Devils, the Other Ones, and the Dead. After a four-year sabbatical following their "Wave That Flag" summer tour in 2004, the Dead performed two 2008 gigs supporting the Obama campaign, branded as "Deadheads for Obama" and "Change... read full bio

Further Seems Forever

Book Further Seems Forever for your next event.

Further Seems Forever (often abbreviated FSF) is a rock band based in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States that formed after the breakup of the well established hardcore outfit, Strongarm, in 1998. FSF has often been labeled a “Christian band” due to their long association with Tooth & Nail Records and performances at festivals such as Cornerstone, yet members maintain that... read full bio


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FUR, who still call the seaside town where they were formed just over four years ago home, might not have anticipated this quick rise, but their drive and tenacity have been there since Day One, when Murray began to look for undergraduate flatmates solely based on their musical abilities. Once he had located the others, they started to write songs that combined... read full bio


Book FuntCase for your next event.

FuntCase, born James Hazell, is an English dubsteb DJ and drum and bass producer who you might recognize for his signature mask. Under the alias DJ Dose, he released his very first drum and bass album in 2007. He later released the first single under his current name, FuntCase. He was singed to Doctor P and Flux Pavilion’s record label... read full bio

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