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Ben Ottewell

Book Ben Ottewell for your next event.

English singer-songwriter Ben Ottewell is a leader singer of the indie rock band Gomez. Winner of the Mercury Music Prize, Ottewell is distinguished for his deep, raspy vocals and rough baritone that have fans likening him to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and rock singer-songwriter Tom Waits. With Gomez, he recorded two Platinum albums (Bring It On/ Liquid Skin) and a... read full bio

Beat Club

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Beat Club is a Los Angeles based band consisting of Jeff Kite (keyboards/vocals), Jon Pancoast (bass), Anthony Polcino (guitars/vocals), and Joe Seiders (Drums). Their music draws from an eclectic palette of influences ranging everywhere from hip-hop to punk rock to world-dance. Armed with an arsenal of songs often driven by searing, rhythmic guitars, funky Afrobeat bass lines and vintage synthesizers,... read full bio

Black Rivers

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Former members of Sub Sub and Doves and twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams joined forces to created Black Rivers. They began playing live shows in 2014 and released their debut album in early 2015.... read full bio


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Michael League, Snarky Puppys founding member, debuted his new band Bokante. They released an album, titled Strange Circles, on Leagues GroundUP Music label. They also recorded a music video for their track Jou Ke Ouve. League plays the baritone guitar and bass, along with the eight-piece collective that includes Roosevelt Collier (lap and pedal steel guitar), Chris McQueen (guitar), Bob... read full bio

Blue Water Highway

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Blue Water Highway started as the duo of Zack Kibodeaux and Greg Essignton. The high school friends started their musical careers early, and after college, teamed up with each other to begin what was soon to be Blue Water Highway. After finding Catherine Clark, an opera singer, Kyle James Smith, a bassist, and Zach Landreneau, a multi-instrumentalist, the band took... read full bio

Brandon Niederauer

Book Brandon Niederauer for your next event.

Brandon Taz Niederauer is a young guitar legend. He has played with some of the most prominent musicians in the world, including Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, Slash, Lady Gaga, Jon Batiste, and Otis Taylor, amongst a multitude of others. At the age of eight, Niederauer was inspired by the School of Rock movie. He realized, after watching it, that he... read full bio

Beth Doane

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Beth Doane is a world-renowned entrepreneur, journalist, and author. This iconic award-winning woman has been named one of the top branding experts in the world by Inc Magazine. She is currently the managing partner of Main & Rose, a strategic branding agency, and has consulted for Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, non-profits, and executives. Doane shares her branding expertise at venues... read full bio

Brant Menswar

Book Brant Menswar for your next event.

Brant Menswar does many things; he is a keynote speaker, certified life coach, an award-winning musician, and even an author. Menswar is the front man of the Americana group Big Kettle Drum alongside JT Keel. Menswar is a partner with Banding People Together where he helps companies like NASA, ESPN, Microsoft, Cisco, Sony Pictures, and Hilton, to provoke change through... read full bio

Barry Maher

Book Barry Maher for your next event.

Barry Maher is a motivational speaker and author, best known for his book, Filling the Glass. He has been featured on outlets like, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and more. Of his many clients over the years, some include, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security,... read full bio

Brock Tully

Book Brock Tully for your next event.

Brock Tully is best known for his speaking. His thought provoking presentations inspire audiences worldwide. Giving insight into the world through stories and personal journeys, Tully shares how one can think harder about the world around them. Tully has authored nine books and launched the tour Cycling for Kindness, which aims to prevent bullying, workplace harassment, domestic violence, environmental and... read full bio

Barry Lane

Book Barry Lane for your next event.

Barry Lane is an English professional golfer from Hayes, Middlesex, England. During his professional career playing on the European Tour, he has earned five professional wins. Six more of his wins have come from the European Senior Tour, and he has had six other professional wins, coming to a total of 17 professional wins during his career. Lane has also... read full bio

Baldwin Cunningham

Book Baldwin Cunningham for your next event.

Baldwin Cunningham was the co-founder of Partnered, a self-serve network for startups and big name brands that want to connect with other brands and startups with similar business interests. During his time working on Partnered, Cunningham worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, LOreal, Nestle, and more. He is currently the Vice President of Digital Brand Strategy at CNN. His job... read full bio

Bruce Gold

Book Bruce Gold for your next event.

Bruce Gold is a comedian, emcee, actor, motivational speaker and magician. Gold mixes his comedy show with magic and has been called a Master Magician by Lance Burton himself. Gold has also been featured in Variety, Tahoe Daily Tribune, Birmingham News, and more. Gold has performed for clients such as AT&T, Chrysler, IBM, Caesar’s Palace, Bally’s, Riviera, and has performed... read full bio


Book Baio for your next event.

Chris Baio is the bassist for the indie rock band Vampire Weekend, as well as a solo EDM artist. He has released one solo album, The Names, on Glassnote Records. Baio has enjoyed much success and popularity with Vampire Weekend. Their very first album took no. 15 on the UK Albums chart and No. 17 on the Billboard 200. One... read full bio

Brian Fallon

Book Brian Fallon for your next event.

Brian Fallon is an American musician, singer and songwriter who’s best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and main lyricist of the band, The Gaslight Anthem. The band has recorded five studio albums including ‘Sink or Swim’, ‘The ’59 Sound, ‘American Slang’, ‘Handwritten’, and ‘Get Hurt’. Fallon is also a member of, The Horrible Crowes, a duo with Ian... read full bio


Book Birocratic for your next event.

Brandon Rowan, better known as his stage name Brandon Rowan, is an American producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, New York. While growing up, Rowan trained in piano and later taught himself how to play instruments such as guitar, bass and drums. He also taught himself how to record music in his garage. He blends together music such as funk,... read full bio

Baba Stiltz

Book Baba Stiltz for your next event.

Baba Stiltz is a Swedish producer and DJ from Stockholm, Sweden. His music is classified as house but ranges different genres such as disco and electropop. Stiltz has also produced beats for Swedish rapper Yung Lean. While growing up, Stiltz began making music as a child and also studied ballet for years. When he was only 15, he started releasing... read full bio


Book Branchez for your next event.

Branchez is an up-and-coming producer and DJ from New York City. He is known for making waves in both hip-hop as well as electronic music communities with his club music. Branchez began his career with the self-released tracks “Treat You Right” and “Shake”, which was featured in Skrillex’s BBC Essential Mix. Shortly after, he gained even more popularity with the... read full bio

Ben Kim

Book Ben Kim for your next event.

Ben Kim is an EDM producer and DJ born in Italy who started his musical career in 2014 after downloading the music program Abelton on his Mac. It started out as just a fun project, but Ben quickly realized this is something he could legitimately pursue. Inspired by the music and dance scenes in both Italy and America, Ben committed... read full bio

Banks Arcade

Book Banks Arcade for your next event.

Banks Arcade are a great mix of things: hardcore, metalcore, and electro. The band – consisting of Joshua O’Donnell on vocals, Jason meadows on guitar, Harlan Allen-Jones on bass, Kenny Powerz on synth, and James Feekes on drums – got their start in New Zealand but eventually made their way to Australia. They take their inspiration from a very eclectic... read full bio

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