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Willow Kayne

Book Willow Kayne for your next event.

Young British singer-songwriter Willow Kayne, 20, draws inspiration for her songs from her everyday experiences. In addition to her singing career, Willow has a passion for all things visual and works as an actor, writer, and graphic designer. She embodies the phrase "live how you wanna, just do your own thing while we're alive." In the music industry, Willow has effortlessly... read full bio


Book Willo for your next event.

Willo, the Sydney supernova, follows an inspired route. Her signature rhythms have helped her thrive, creating memories like Listen Out, Splendour in the Grass, and Flume's astronomical arena events. She is charming and lively from the bucket hat down. She has expanded her horizons by headlining Flux in Christchurch and an Oxford Art Factory sold-out show. She has also headed... read full bio


Book WILLIS for your next event.

WILLIS wears authenticity on their sleeve with psychedelic soundscapes, a dash of indie, alternative blues and surfer rock. They don't focus on imitation; instead, they want to elicit the most sincere and genuine emotion possible. Above all, WILLIS writes music that has a powerful emotional impact as well as sonic appeal. The five members of the group—Murphy Billings on bass and vocals,... read full bio

Willie Watson

Book Willie Watson for your next event.

Willie Watson is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, banjo player, harmonica player, actor and found member of the group Old Crow Medicine Show. Watson was born in Watkins Glen, New York and while growing up, listened to all kinds of music from Michael Jackson to Nirvana. He later started playing music in high school with Ben Gould and they both dropped... read full bio

Willie Tyler And Lester

Book Willie Tyler And Lester for your next event.

Willie Tyler and Lester is an amazing comedic act that entertains all over the world. This American ventriloquist act is unlike any performance you have seen. Willie Tyler and Lester have been entertaining audiences for over 30 years. Willie Tyler was always interested in the entertainment industry, but he wanted to be different. He found ventriloquism when he kept passing... read full bio

Willie Nile

Book Willie Nile for your next event.

Willie Nile is a singer and songwriter from Buffalo, New York. He grew up in a musically talented family; his siblings played piano, his mother had a deep love for music, and his grandfather ran an orchestra and played the piano with such famous performers as Bill Bojangles Robinson and Eddie Cantor. Later in life, Willie landed a residency... read full bio

Willie Nelson

Book Willie Nelson for your next event.

The native Texan country singer, Willie Nelson has become an American music icon. He is most known for his song writing abilities. Throughout his illustrious career he has written over 2,500 songs and released almost 300 albums. Willie Nelson started in the music industry as a radio disc jockey and playing various local gigs. Willie Nelson continued to write songs... read full bio

Willie Jones

Book Willie Jones for your next event.

Willie Jones is an up-and-coming country artist from Shreveport, Louisiana, who has country roots and R&B and hip-hop influence. Growing up, Jones sang gospel and went on to perform on stage in musical theater. Later on in life he gained fame after performing on the series “X Factor”. This led him to a musical career and since then he has... read full bio

Willie J Healey

Book Willie J Healey for your next event.

Willie J Healey is a musician that has done a great job of establishing a distinctive sound and taste in his songs. His writing is open and observant, telling his own and other people's tales in an easygoing and organic style. His music is versatile, crossing genres and flitting between psychedelic, Americana and garage rock. If supporting the artist and exploring... read full bio

Willie Gomez

Book Willie Gomez for your next event.

Willie Gomez is an up-and-coming Latin pop singer-songwriter and dancer who was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised in Miami, Florida. When Gomez was only 13 years old he became inspired by pop music and went on to take dance and vocal lesson trainings at MDA Studios. By the time he was only 17 years old, he was... read full bio

Willie Barcena

Book Willie Barcena for your next event.

Willie Barcena is proud to say he's just an everyday guy. His blue-collar upbringing gave him the people skills to relate to a wide array of audiences. Growing up in the diversity of Los Angeles taught Willie that people have more similarities than differences. He takes that knowledge and uses it to create humor that crosses the cultural and... read full bio

Williams And Ree

Book Williams And Ree for your next event.

Williams and Ree, also known as The Indian and The White Guy are a comedy duo that are best known for their jokes that poke fun at anyone and everything. The duo first met while studying at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, while they were both playing as members of a band. After bonding, the duo began... read full bio

Williams & Ree

Book Williams & Ree for your next event.

Bruce Williams & Terry Ree, The Indian and the White Guy," have sustained a career over 40 years packing casinos, clubs, and arenas from Niagara Falls to Las Vegas with their ever-changing routine that --more times than not--steers away from the off-color Indian jokes that originally established the duo. Williams and Ree met in 1968 at Black Hills State College... read full bio

William Wainwright

Book William Wainwright for your next event.

William Wainwright is a professional violinist who has been playing professionally since he was only 8 years old. Wainwright can perform all types of genres of music through his violin including jazz, pop, classical, Irish, and country. He has previously toured with Ricky Van Shelton and Patty Loveless and he has even performed regularly at the Grand Ole Opry. Wainwright... read full bio

William Tyler

Book William Tyler for your next event.

William Tyler is an American musician and guitarist from Nashville, Tennessee, who performs a mixture of folk, indie, and pop rock music. Tyler’s father was a songwriter who has written songs for bands and artists such as LeAnn Rimes, S-K-O, and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Tyler always had a passion for music and went on to earn his degree from... read full bio

William The Conqueror

Book William The Conqueror for your next event.

William the Conqueror from Cornwall blends a distinctive variety of styles from both sides of the Atlantic, ranging from euphoric British alt-rock to bluesy grunge and classic rock-tinged Americana. Proud Disturber of the Peace was the trio's debut, and on later albums such as Bleeding on the Soundtrack, Maverick Thinker and Excuse Me While I Vanish they continued to develop their... read full bio

William Shimell

Book William Shimell for your next event.

William Shimell is a baritone opera singer who now is launching a career in acting. He is one of the most accomplished British opera singers who gained most of his international success from singing at the worlds leading opera houses. He debuted his career in 1980 at the Kent opera, but has sung all over the world. He has sung... read full bio

William Ryan Key

Book William Ryan Key for your next event.

Sometimes moving ahead best involves taking a step backward. William Ryan Key, the vocalist and guitarist for Yellowcard, accomplished this after the band's dissolution with the publication of his solo debut EP, THIRTEEN, on The Lone Tree Recordings. THIRTEEN finds Ryan in a new frame of mind with a sound that departs from the pop punk genre that Yellowcard helped... read full bio

William Prince

Book William Prince for your next event.

William Prince is a Winnipeg, Manitoba-based folk and country singer-songwriter from Canada. In 1986, he was born in Selkirk, Manitoba, and as a youngster, his family relocated to Peguis First Nation. Due to the fact that his father was both a musician and a preacher, and that Prince frequently accompanied him on performances in northern Manitoba, music was a constant... read full bio

William Murphy

Book William Murphy for your next event.

William Murphy is an American gospel artist and pastor from Atlanta, Georgia. Murphy was raised with a father and grandfather who were both pastors/bishops. He later in life moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and two children to serve as the worship minister for New Birth. After a few years, Murphy started his musical career with the release of... read full bio

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