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Book Wilkinson for your next event.

Wilkinson, one of the most well-known electronic musicians in the UK, is from the lush suburbs of South West London. When his parents gave him a drum set at age 9, he had his first musical experience. Mark "Wilkinson" joined several bands that were performing at locations as far away as the Birmingham NEC and as close as the neighborhood... read full bio


Book Wildstylez for your next event.

Wildstylez, born Joram Metekohy, is a DJ from the Netherlands. His music is considered hardstyle and released his very first song in 2007 under the Scantraxx Reloaded label. Previously, he operated under the stage name Seizure. Three years after his debut release as Wildstylez, Joram started his own record label called Digita:Age as a collaboration with Noisecontrollers. He also released... read full bio


Book Wilderado for your next event.

Wilderado is a band from Tusla, Oklahoma that consists of members Maxim Rainer, Colton Dearing, Tyler Wimpee, and Justin Kila. The four members all met while in Los Angeles and started making music together. They went on to release their debut EP, “Misty Shrub”. Since then, they’ve released the EP, “Latigo”, their debut album, “Singles”, and most recently, their third... read full bio

Wilder Woods

Book Wilder Woods for your next event.

Bear Rinehart, also known as his stage name Wilder Woods, is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who rose to fame as a founding member and lead singer of the rock band Needtobreathe. Rinehart began releasing music under the name Wilder Woods after the release of the singles “Somebody Soon” and “Sure Ain’t.” Shortly after, Wilder Woods released his self-titled studio... read full bio

Wilde Drama

Book Wilde Drama for your next event.

Wilde Drama is a tribute band that features vocalists Danny Wilde and David Gallagher. The group is a tribute band to the rock music of the 70’s and 80’s and they combine their amazing vocalists and harmonies with stellar instrumentals. The tribute band was founded by Matt Zito and David Dee as well as Bill Fishvogt and Fred Benzi. They... read full bio

Wild Youth

Book Wild Youth for your next event.

A four-piece band called Wild Youth took over the Spotify Viral Charts, where their debut song spent two weeks at the top. They play a melodic type of pop-rock with electronic nuances, drawing inspiration from artists such as Imagine Dragons, The XX, The Script and The 1975. Conor O'Donohoe, a songwriter and keyboardist who had to undergo extensive rehabilitation as a... read full bio

Wild Rivers

Book Wild Rivers for your next event.

Wild Rivers is an up-and-coming alternative folk indie band that consists of members Khalid Yassein on vocals and guitar, Devan Glover on vocals, Andrew Oliver on guitar and bass and Julien Laferriere on drums. Their music finds influence in bands which include Bahamas, The Lumineers and Kacey Musgraves as well as older artists and bands which include Fleetwood Mac, James... read full bio

Wild Ones

Book Wild Ones for your next event.

Wild Ones is a five member pop group from Portland, Oregon. The group members include lead vocalist Danielle Sullivan, keyboardist Thomas Himes, drummer Seve Sheldon, guitarist Nick Vicario and bassist Max Stein. Wild Ones self-produce and record their own music and describe their sound as a mash of R&B synths, muted guitar, and somber vocal melodies. Wild Ones aim... read full bio

Wild Cub

Book Wild Cub for your next event.

Wild Cub is an indie rock band from Nashville, whose most popular song is Thunder Clatter, which rose to the Top 100 singles in the UK and was featured in a Bose commercial. The band performed Thunder Clatter on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Conan. Their first album, Youth, gained them attention in both the UK and US; AllMusics... read full bio

Wild Child- A Tribute To The Doors

Book Wild Child- A Tribute To The Doors for your next event.

Dave Brock comes the closest to capturing the look and spirit of Jim Morrison without being the real thing. The band, Wild Child, knows Jim's moves and raps as well as he did. Their version of The Doors is respectful and accurate and a well done tribute to The Doors. Some have referred to their performance as ""performance art.""... read full bio

Wild Child

Book Wild Child for your next event.

Wild Child has that folksy sound that calms your mind and puts a peaceful smile across your face before you can think about it. Their acoustic sound id filled with various forms of keys, guitars, ukulele, a bass, cello, and a trumpet and they have created a sound and an environment that encourages creativity and sing-a-longs. At the 2013 SXSW... read full bio

Wild Bill Young

Book Wild Bill Young for your next event.

Wild Bill Young is an American country artist from St. Louis, Missouri. He is known for being an ‘Authentic Nashville Country Artist’ who holds the keys to Nashville, Tennessee as well as his hometown. Wild Bill Young is known for his appearance, he is six-foot-four and while performing he performs with a country hat, boots, bandanas, and flashy chains so... read full bio

Wild Belle

Book Wild Belle for your next event.

Wild Belle is an American indie rock band that’s composed of siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman. The duo grew up with musical parents who brought them up in a house fill of music. Elliot studied at the University of Michigan and started a band called Nomo while there. Natalie ended up performing with Nomo and they ended up collaborating later... read full bio

Wild Belle

Book Wild Belle for your next event.

The adventurous brother-and-sister combo Wild Belle creates eclectic, vividly detailed indie music that draws inspiration from many different genres, including reggae, Afrobeat, soul and many more. With the release of their full-length debut, Isles, the duo performed on numerous television shows, went on tour throughout the world and made appearances at significant music festivals. The group chose the independent road and released... read full bio


Book Wilco for your next event.

I have to say, this was the most fun I've ever had making a record,” says Jeff Tweedy. “We worked really hard, but it was pretty joyous work, and it came together quicker than any record I can remember.”That sense of confidence and purpose is immediately evident on Wilco (the album), the tenth release from one of the world’s most... read full bio

Wil Sylvince

Book Wil Sylvince for your next event.

One of the funniest people performing today all around the world is Wil Sylvince. He consistently received standing ovations from the audiences during his humorous appearances on COMEDY CENTRAL, HBO'S DEF COMEDY JAM, and SHOWTIME, which is a rare accomplishment for many performers. The Comedy Cellar, Comic Strip Live, Caroline's on Broadway, Stand-Up NY, and the Gotham Comedy Club are... read full bio


Book Widowspeak for your next event.

Widowspeak came to be in 2010 when Tacoma, Washington friends Molly Hamilton and Michael Stasiak got together with guitarist Robert Earl Thomas and began jamming out new tunes. After a year of hammering out their unique indie rock shoegaze sound, the band released their very first self-titled album. The album received incredible critical acclaim and still remains one of their... read full bio

Wide Mouth Mason

Book Wide Mouth Mason for your next event.

Wide Mouth Mason is a Canadian blues rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, that consists of the duo Shaun Verreault and Safwan Javed. Wide Mouth Mason began their career after self-releasing their debut studio album, “The Nazarene”. They followed this with their self-titled album which was released through Warner Music Canada, peaked at number 90 on the Canadian charts, and earned... read full bio


Book Wick-It for your next event.

Wick-it the Instigator is a multi-genre DJ and producer. Wick-it is known for being a breath of fresh air in the EDM scene and his SoundCloud page has over 70,000 followers and over 7 million plays. Wick-it features a lot of mixes on his SoundCloud page which get the most views such as mixes of Sublime with Beyonc, The Pixies... read full bio


Book Whyel for your next event.

Years of hard work and dedication finally paid off when Whyel was contacted by rising superstar Deorro with the opportunity to join his team. With the PandaFam behind him, Whyel began to establish a sound and style he could truly call his own. His debut single Ray Ban was quickly scooped up and signed to Dim Mak Records, and has... read full bio

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