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Snow Tha Product

Book Snow Tha Product for your next event.

Versatile, bilingual lyricist Snow Tha Product is proving that there are no boundaries to her songwriting or performance abilities. She has established herself as an artist to watch, flexing electrifying, aggressive verbal acrobatics. Now signed to Atlantic Records, Snow released the Half Way There... Pt. 1 EP. Previously, Snow released her aptly-titled project Unorthodox in conjunction with Street Science Entertainment... read full bio


Book TKA for your next event.

TKA is a Latin freestyle trio that was prominent in the 1980s and early 1990s, mainly in New York City and Miami, Florida. The soundtrack of the film Lean on Me featured the single You Are the One", which hit #91 on the Billboard Hot 100. TKA, presently consisting of Tony, Aby, and Angel - as the current lead... read full bio

Teo Gonzalez

Book Teo Gonzalez for your next event.

Teo Gonzalez is considered one of the most popular comedians in Mexico and Latin America. His career has been long and successful, having performed as a stand-up comedian in Mexico, the United States, and on national television. The comedian has starred in television shows such as ‘Festival del Humor’, ‘Humor es…Los Comediantes’, and more. Some of the television shows are... read full bio

Gilberto Gless

Book Gilberto Gless for your next event.

Gilberto Gless started his career as the forefront of ‘Gless and Gless Show’. Upon seeing success in this field, Gless moved to Mexico City to perform at prestigious nightclubs. Gless has participated in renowned festivals such as the Acapulco fest, the Vina del Mar, and received great feedback from the Chilean public. Internationally, Gless has performed in various United States... read full bio

Lido Pimienta

Book Lido Pimienta for your next event.

Lido Pimienta performs an eclectic mix of music, a modern take on Afro-Columbian tradition. She uses electronic music mixed with chanting, artistic vocals, and improvisation to create her sound. Her album, ‘La Papessa’, won Pimienta the Polaris Music Prize. The Globe and Mail has called Pimienta “the artist of the year.” Pimienta is also an advocate for gender, race, motherhood,... read full bio

Julio Iglesias Jr

Book Julio Iglesias Jr for your next event.

Julio Iglesias Jr. is a Spanish pop singer who is best known for winning the CMT competition, “Gone Country”. He is the son of singer Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler and brother to Chabeli Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias. He started his career when he won a chance to participate in “Out of the Blue” and he went on to work... read full bio

Periko and Jessi Leon

Book Periko and Jessi Leon for your next event.

Periko and Jessi Leon are Latin Grammy nominees for Best New Artist. The duo started their careers performing in Miami, Florida. After a few years, they released their debut album, “Fuerza Mayor”, which led them to perform in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rica, Panama, and Guatemala. A few years after they released their album, “Sal y Pimienta” which... read full bio

Comisario Pantera

Book Comisario Pantera for your next event.

Comisario Pantera is a Latin rock band from Mexico City that consists of members Dario, Roger, Ivan and Piojo. The band was formed after Ivan and Dario met at a festival, shortly after, they were joined by Roger and Piojo. The following year, Comisario Pantera began recording music with singles such as “A Margo,” “Honey,” and “Sigue Rocanroleando.” The band... read full bio


Book COASTCITY for your next event.

COASTCITY is an up-and-coming Latin pop duo that consists of members Jean Rodriguez and Danny Flores. The duo describe their music as Caribbean soul and prior to their work as COASTCITY, Rodriguez worked as a back-up vocalist for Marc Anthony and toured the world with him. He was also an engineer, composer, performer, and vocal coach. Meanwhile, Flores worked as... read full bio


Book OKAN for your next event.

OKAN draws their name from the term for heart in their Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria. They blend Afro-Cuban origins with jazz, folk and world rhythms in songs about immigration, resistance and love. OKAN is fronted by Cuban-born violinist and vocalist Elizabeth Rodriguez and drummer and vocalist Magdelys Savigne, who are both Grammy and Latin Grammy nominees. They sing in Spanish, English and Spanglish. Espiral,... read full bio

Mauro Castillo

Book Mauro Castillo for your next event.

Mauro Castillo came from Cali, Columbia to Miama, Florida thanks to an extraordinary ability Visa, and “extraordinary ability” is exactly what makes this multi-talented artist such a recent stand-out. While getting his start as a composer for various TV shows across Columbia and the U.S., Mauro is also a talented actor and singer. Not only did he land the role... read full bio


Book Lali for your next event.

Mariana Espósito is known professionally as Lali Espósito or just Lali She is an Argentine singer, actress, dancer and model who has appeared as a coach on the Argentinan version of The Voice, called La voz Argentina 3 and Loa voz Argentina 4. As a musician, she first released “A Bailar” in 2014 and it officially launched her career as... read full bio


Book Estevie for your next event.

Sarah Silva, who goes by the stage name Estevie, is a proud first-generation Mexican-American and a leading voice in the current pop music movement reviving classic Latin music. Estevie, a leader in the revival of cumbia and Mexican regional music, creates a deliciously seductive fusion of classic Latin music with contemporary pop. The LA-based singer-songwriter is emotive, powerful, humorous and endearingly weird,... read full bio

Christine D'Clario

Book Christine D'Clario for your next event.

Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, Christine D'Clario is a multi-award-winning performer and worship leader in the Latin CCM genre. During her early years, she overcame numerous personal challenges. She finally sought sanctuary in the church as a result of her struggles there, rising to the position of leader in her neighborhood congregation. D'Clario experienced a severe... read full bio


Book KHEA for your next event.

One of the most prominent figures in the Argentine trap scene is Khea. His songs blend pop, hip-hop and reggaeton and typically center on lyrical themes like romance and sensuality. His voice is more akin to pleasant singing than harder-edged rapping. With tunes like "Loca" and "Vete," he had achieved a number of viral hits by the time he was 18... read full bio

Martina Stoessel

Book Martina Stoessel for your next event.

Tini is the stage name of Martina Stoessel Muzlera, an Argentine singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and model. She made her acting debut on the Argentinean children's program Patito Feo (2007). She became well-known for playing the protagonist character Violetta Castillo in the original Disney Channel Latin America serial Violetta (2012–2015), and she then played the same role in the series'... read full bio

Sofia Kourtesis

Book Sofia Kourtesis for your next event.

The EP Fresia Magdalena by Berlin-based Peruvian artist Sofia Kourtesis was released on the Ninja Tune brand Technicolour. Following her breakthrough EP Sarita Colonia, which earned her recognition from The Observer, DJ, Mixmag, Gorilla Vs. Bear and inclusion in this year's NME 100, the EP continues to refine her distinct sound by combining well-chosen samples with a joyful sense of personality and... read full bio

Hope Tala

Book Hope Tala for your next event.

Hope  Tala creates upbeat, lyrical music that blends bossa nova, Latin, R&B and soul elements. Sensitive Soul and Girl Eats Sun are just two of the nuanced and well-received EPs she has produced. Afterwards came a series of fascinating songs, including "Party Sickness" and "Is It Enough." Tala, who was up playing the clarinet and was active in her school's band and... read full bio


Book Mora for your next event.

The Puerto Rican Mora, who has established himself as one of urban music's newest rising stars, has performed on some of the biggest venues all over the world, enthralling audiences with his songs and showcasing his creative prowess. After his successful participation in festivals like Lollapalooza (Chile and Argentina) and Estéreo Picnic in Colombia, which showed his leadership in the music... read full bio


Book AQUIHAYAQUIHAY for your next event.

The world's first Anti-Boyband, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, is made up of Jay-lee, Neqer, Phynx, Zizzy and Nehly. They define M-pop with crossover genres including R&B, hip-hop and traditional Latin rhythms. Everyone holds the belief that in order to be a member of anything, you must have a link or characteristic, something that sets a group of individuals apart or gives them a common trait. It... read full bio

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