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Flava D

Book Flava D for your next event.

Flava D (AKA Danielle Gooding) is a U.K. based grime, bassline, and garage DJ and music producer. After making a big splash in 2012, she was signed to Butterz but has since signed to Hospital Records. During her childhood in Birmingham and Bournemouth, she really got into the U.K. garage scene, listening to artists like DJ EZ, one of the... read full bio

Fil Bo Riva

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Filippo Bonamici, who goes by the stage name Fil Bo Riva, is an Italian singer, musician, songwriter, producer, and artist. His style blends elements from indie rock, indie pop, folk and soul and is led by the timbre of his distinct voice. He started singing and playing guitar when he was just 10 years old, living in Rome, Italy. When... read full bio

Ferris and Sylvester

Book Ferris and Sylvester for your next event.

Ferris and Sylvester is a folk duo comprised of London natives Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester. They dropped their first EP called “The Yellow Line” in 2017, which garnered them a fair amount of attention. The next year, they released their second EP “Made in Streatham”, followed by their third EP “I Should Be on a Train” in 2019. In... read full bio

From Indian Lakes

Book From Indian Lakes for your next event.

From Indian Lakes is an indie rock band put together by musician Joey Vannucchi back in 2009. He first started writing music while living in a small mountain town near Yosemite National Park. He gathered up his friends to help write and perform new material and, thus, From Indian Lakes was born. Together, they independently released the album “The Man... read full bio


Book Friction for your next event.

Friction, otherwise known as Ed Keeley, is a Brighton-based DJ and drum and bass producer and musician. While he is a massive talent and a very popular name, he also owns his own record labels: Elevate Records and Shogun Audio. He’s been signed to various labels throughout his career, on top of his own: Valve Recordings, True Playaz, Renegade Hardware,... read full bio

Felix and Fingers

Book Felix and Fingers for your next event.

Felix and Fingers is comprised of Dave Radford and Mike Potts who first got together in Chicago back in 2010, at a fundraiser called The Chill Event. The event was to raise awareness and funds for respiratory health. Dave has actually earned a Top Men Male Finalist on American Idol, so these two definitely have a history in the music... read full bio


Book FuntCase for your next event.

FuntCase, born James Hazell, is an English dubsteb DJ and drum and bass producer who you might recognize for his signature mask. Under the alias DJ Dose, he released his very first drum and bass album in 2007. He later released the first single under his current name, FuntCase. He was singed to Doctor P and Flux Pavilion’s record label... read full bio


Book Frontliner for your next event.

You may know Barry Drooger by the names Abject or, more commonly, Frontliner. He is a Dutch hardstyle EDM musician, producer, and DJ. Frontliner is a very recognized artist who is innovative and unique and the founder of the Keep It Up label. He adopted the name Abject back in 2005 and started releasing music. He collaborated with Headhunterz one... read full bio

Family Reunion

Book Family Reunion for your next event.

Family Reunion is a country band consisting of six very talented musicians and composers. Who they are is a bit of a mystery, as Family Reunion is considered the world’s very first virtual country bands. However, many of the songs are written by country artists Chris Spradling and Brian Rock, both of whom had previously submitted to American Idol. Each... read full bio

Fake Names

Book Fake Names for your next event.

If reputation were money, Fake Names would be extremely wealthy. The band is a veritable post-hardcore dream team, consisting of Brian Baker (of Minor Threat, Bad Religion, and Dag Nasty), Michael Hampton (of S.O.A., Embrace), Dennis Lyxzén (of Refused, INVSN, and The [International] Noise Conspiracy), Johnny Temple (of Girls Against Boys, Soulside), and Brendan Canty (of Fugazi, Rites of Spring),... read full bio

feeble little horse

Book feeble little horse for your next event.

The four-piece Pittsburgh band lame little horse creates intricately catchy, digital noise pop tunes. In February 2021, Ryan Walchonski and Sebastian Kinsler (guitar, production, vocals, bass) started a band in Ryan's student apartment in South Oakland, Pennsylvania. Soon, Jake Kelley (drums), Ryan's roommate, joined the group, and in May 2021, the group released their debut EP, "modern tourism," with artwork... read full bio

Four Freshmen

Book Four Freshmen for your next event.

The Four Freshmen have been entertaining us with terrific harmony arrangements of jazz and pop standards since 1948! The Four Freshmans barbershop quartet vocal capabilities influenced many groups including the Beach Boys and Manhattan Transfer. Originally called Hals Harmonizers by Ross and Dan Bardour, the two later formed a small jazz band called the Toppers. A short while after... read full bio

Freeze Frame

Book Freeze Frame for your next event.

Freeze Frame is a highly entertaining 80s tribute show, complete with costumes and all the classic hits. They play some of the decade’s biggest rock anthems and dance hits, fully dressed for the part and wearing full 80s flair in formal attire or for whatever the occasion. Their shows are incredibly high energy and they’ve become something of a national... read full bio

Fabulous Thunderbirds Featuring Kim Wilson

Book Fabulous Thunderbirds Featuring Kim Wilson for your next event.

Since the beginning, The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been led by one of a kind vocalist and harmonica player, Kim Wilson. The group's distinctive and powerful sound mixes Texas blues and southern rock with harmonica laced swamp blues and R&B. Because of their peerless musicianship and unique vocals, they have a huge worldwide fan base and have always been favorites of... read full bio

Flying Aces

Book Flying Aces for your next event.

The Flying Aces is a Frisbee Team that provides an informative and humorous show for ""Kids of all ages."" Audiences are amazed by the athletic skills displayed by these performers. Their show provides entertainment for all from children to adults. Crowd participation is encouraged as the show ends in a contest between two teams competing for autographed Flying Aces Frisbess.... read full bio

Finish Ticket

Book Finish Ticket for your next event.

Finish Ticket is an indie pop/rock band from California, consisting of members Brendan Hoye (vocals), Michael Hoye (Bass), Alex DiDonato (guitar), Gabe Stein (drums) and Nick Stein (keyboards). The band was a mainstay in the local San Francisco music scene, self-releasing two EPs and an album, while playing at local venues and music festivals. Finish Ticket earned national fame after... read full bio

Finbar Wright

Book Finbar Wright for your next event.

Finbar Wright is a popular music singer, songwriter, and poet from County Cork, Ireland. Finbar Wright is a classically trained tenor who emerged during the in Ireland and has become one of that country's most popular singers", concentrating on romantic, jazz and pop standards for the adult contemporary audience. Referred to as one of Ireland's great romantic singers, his first... read full bio

Flash Cadillac

Book Flash Cadillac for your next event.

The Flash Cadillacs are the ambassadors of Rock and Roll music. They have been lucky enough to be involved with some of the most major things that are Rock and Roll, such as American Graffiti and American Bandstand. They didn't invent Rock and Roll and they weren't even a band when it started. But they feel that with the time,... read full bio

Forrest Gregg

Book Forrest Gregg for your next event.

Forrest Gregg could have been described as one of the best ever to play his position in the history of the game. Forrest was a Green Bay Packer. Forrest earned an iron-man" tag by playing in then league record 188 consecutive games. He won All-NFL acclaim eight straight years and was selected to play in nine Pro Bowls. In his... read full bio

Frank Miles

Book Frank Miles for your next event.

Comedian Frank Miles, has thrilled Las Vegas audiences for over a decade with his feats as a juggler and magician, found himself with some unique new material, after being pronounced dead following a hang gliding accident. Most recently Frank brought attitude to an audition for Americas Got Talent. When emergency room doctors gave him a second chance at life, he... read full bio

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