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Book Buku for your next event.

Robert Balotsky, working under the name Buku, is a Pittsburgh native with a firm grasp on sound design and music theory. Buku might have simple yet emotional melodies, but the drums are intricate and the bass drops are huge. It’s his love for drums, stemming from his childhood, that’s fueled his musical interest and his particular sound. In fact, he’s... read full bio

Built to Spill

Book Built to Spill for your next event.

Built to Spill is an Americna indie rock band from Boise, Idaho, that is led by Doug Martsch. The band’s members change every album with Martsch being the only permanent member. Built to Spill has released eight studio albums and five EPs. Some of Built to Spill’s most popular songs include “Carry the Zero”, “I Would Hurt a Fly”, “Liar”,... read full bio


Book Buika for your next event.

Buika, born and raised on the Spanish island of Mallorca, is the child of African immigrants. It's a little surprising to meet Buika for the first time. She's beautiful, with high cheekbones, almond eyes and a Lauren Hutton gap between her teeth. But her body seems far too petite to contain such a gigantic voice, and not statuesque enough to... read full bio

Bugzy Malone

Book Bugzy Malone for your next event.

Bugzy Malone is an English grime artist, widely recognized for igniting a “grime revival” swaying the UK scene away from more commercially oriented music. His first official single, Watch Your Mouth”, received heavy airplay throughout the UK and popular TV networks, including Capital Xtra, Bang Radio, Kiss 100, Represent, Unity Radio, BBC Xtra, Radio 1, Asian Network, Westside FM, MTV... read full bio


Book Bugus for your next event.

Bugus is a up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. With rapper Russ, the duo makes up DIEMON (Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing) crew. They are known for their tracks such as I Just Know", "Free Bird", "Less & Less", and "Magazine". They are also seen on a lot of tracks with musical artist Russ. Bogus is currently touring with musical... read full bio

Bugs Bunny On Broadway

Book Bugs Bunny On Broadway for your next event.

Eh, whats up, Doc That wascally wabbit" and all his cartoon friends are coming to your building! Bring the family and enjoy a zany review of the best cartoons ever made such as "Rabbit of Seville", "Baton Bunny", "What's Opera, Doc", and many more on a large screen with digitally mastered sound effects and accompanied with live music. The orchestra... read full bio

Bug Bath

Book Bug Bath for your next event.

Big guitar music from Reno, Nevada is known as Bug Bath. With influences ranging from Jimmy Eat World and Teenage Fanclub to Archers of Loaf and Superdrag, Bug Bath approaches the murky space between hardcore, indie rock, power pop, and emo with a wall of sound that is loud and full of feedback. Originally a trio, the ensemble now draws... read full bio


Book Bufiman for your next event.

Jan Schulte is a German jaw harpist, disc jockey, producer, dancer and lover of rhythm. He is originally from Dusseldorf. He creates a variety of strange dance music genres under several aliases, including Wolf Mueller, Bufiman, and even Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski, because he is never content with musical stereotype. While the enigmatic Wolf Mueller records, with their live recorded percussions and... read full bio

Buffalo Wabs and The Price Hill Hustle

Book Buffalo Wabs and The Price Hill Hustle for your next event.

Around these lads, it's difficult to remain motionless. They make that rhythmic toe-tapping, knee-slapping and boot-stomping noise. Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle create music that stays in your spirit and makes you want to shout into the night sky while barefoot. Their style is equal parts raucous honkytonk and old-time pioneers. To produce something original and deeply entrenched, they draw... read full bio

Buffalo Tom

Book Buffalo Tom for your next event.

Buffalo Tom was cast off as Dinosaur Jr. junior when the Boston-based trio released their debut album in 1989. It's true that J Mascis's folk-tinged melodies and booming guitar drove their debut, and Mascis's production of the album didn't help either. With time, Buffalo Tom shed their grungier influences and became an early '90s straight-ahead rock outfit that could deliver... read full bio

Buffalo Springfield

Book Buffalo Springfield for your next event.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Buffalo Springfield is most popular for the protest song For What It's Worth". The bands legacy as folk rock pioneers encompasses three albums (Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Springfield Again, and Last Time Around) five Billboard Hot 100 hits (For What Its Worth, Bluebird, Rock n Roll Woman, Expecting to Fly, and On the Way... read full bio

Buena Vista Social Club

Book Buena Vista Social Club for your next event.

Few people outside of the specialized world music audience originally paid much attention to the Buena Vista Social Club album's beautifully crafted songs and cozy, acoustic rhythms upon its debut. Then, something remarkable happened. A few astute critics gave the record a stellar review, but even while their compliments did not hurt Buena Vista, they are unable to account for what... read full bio

Buddy Valastro

Book Buddy Valastro for your next event.

Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in the country. As the owner of Carlo's Bakery, Buddy is the star of TLC's hit series Cake Boss, which chronicles Buddy's over-arching desire to achieve his late father's dream of making Carlo's Bake Shop a household name. He supervises a team that includes his mother, four older... read full bio

Buddy Rich Big Band

Book Buddy Rich Big Band for your next event.

Without question, BUDDY RICH is considered the greatest drummer that ever lived. Throughout his illustrious career, he played with most of the legends of jazz. Of course, Buddy was most widely recognized for his work with his own big band. Worldwide sales of Buddy Rich original recordings are still going strong. For the first time in over 25 years, THE... read full bio

Buddy Jewell

Book Buddy Jewell for your next event.

Buddy Jewell burst onto the country music scene when he won the USA Networks first-ever Nashville Star title and TV audiences and critics alike fell in love with his gentility, enthusiasm and true musical passion. Buddys self-titled debut album on Columbia Records was certified gold, and garnered two back-to-back top five hits with Sweet Southern Comfort and Help Pour Out... read full bio

Buddy Guy

Book Buddy Guy for your next event.

Any discussion of Buddy Guy invariably involves a recitation of his colossal musical resume and hard-earned accolades. He's a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, Guitar Center's Hollywood Rockwalk and Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum inductee. He is also a chief guitar influence to rock titans like Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, and Vaughan, a pioneer... read full bio

Buddy Curry

Book Buddy Curry for your next event.

Buddy Curry is a former American professional football linebacker who played in the NFL. Curry was born in Greenville, North Carolina, and he began his career playing high school football at Danville Washington where he was the defensive stalwart on Coach Alger Pugh’s George Washington Eagles teams. Curry went on to play college football at the University of North Carolina.... read full bio


Book Buddy for your next event.

Simmie Sims III, better known as his stage name Buddy, is an American rapper, singer, dancer, and actor from Compton, California. Apart from his career as a solo artist, Buddy is also apart of the hip-hop supergroup Zoink Gang. Buddy started performing when he was only 7 years old in plays and musicals at Amazing Grace Conservatory. Years later Buddy... read full bio

Bud Selig

Book Bud Selig for your next event.

Allan H. Bud Selig is the Commissioner Emeritus of Major League Baseball. Selig assumed this unprecedented position in 2015 after he retired after seventeen years from the role of Commissioner. As Commissioner Emeritus, Selig serves as an adviser to current MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. and assists him with special projects. Topics Include: A conversation with Bud Selig, How... read full bio

Bud Grant

Book Bud Grant for your next event.

Bud Grant is the former longtime head coach of the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL) for eighteen seasons. Grant was the second (1967–83) and fourth (1985) head coach of the team. Prior to coaching the Vikings, he was the head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL) for ten seasons. Along with... read full bio

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