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Elise Mitchell

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Elise Mitchell is a leadership speaker, best-selling author, and Founder and Chairman of Mitchell Communications Group. During her time working for Mitchell Communications Group, it became one of the top 10 fastest growing public relations firms and had been apart of the Inc. 500’s ‘5000 fastest growing companies’ two times. Clients that she has worked with include, Kraft Foods, Walmart,... read full bio

Eric Alva

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Eric Alva is an author, LGBTQ rights activist, and veteran who was the first Marine that was severely injured in the Iraq War. Alva was born in San Antonio, Texas, and after graduating high school, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps as a gay man knowing that the military excluded all gays and lesbians from service. Throughout most of his... read full bio

Elk Road

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"Elk Road, or Rory Garton-Smith, is an electronic musician and producer from Perth, Australia. His musical career began with remixes of tracks by Carmada, Kaskade, Britney Spears, and Charli XCX. Through Soundcloud, Garton-Smith garnered acclaim from fans worldwide, and later critics. When officially releasing his debut single, Not to Worry, he received acclaim from Triple J. Later, his remixes were... read full bio


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"Daniel Kuhnen and Leo Piovezani make up the electronic music duo Elekfantz. Hailing from South America, the duo performs the new wave of Brazilian electronic music. Both began their music careers as solo artists. By the time Piovezani was fifteen years old, he had mastered singing, the drums, and composing music. Kuhnen started off his electronic music career as a... read full bio

Ellen Cleghorne

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Ellen Cleghorne is an American actress and comedian who has previously been a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” in the 1990’s. Cleghorne was born in Brooklyn, New York, and she began her career as a comedian performing at various comedy clubs in New York before catching her big break competing in the Johnnie Walker Comedy Search. During this time,... read full bio


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Francis Esteban, better known as his stage name, Esta., is an up-and-coming DJ and producer from Temecula, California. Esta rose to fame after he joined the Los Angeles collective, Soulection. He gained the attention of Soulection after he was discovered by Andre Power and Joe Kay. This led him to perform at the world famous music festival, Coachella, and he... read full bio

Emmanual Franco

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Emmanuel Franco is an up-and-coming artist who was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in Vancouver, Washington. While growing up, Franco began playing guitar while going to church and went on to begin writing songs when he realized he wanted to pursue a musical career. At the age of 17, Franco decided to pursue a musical career and moved to... read full bio

Emma White

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Emma White is an up-and-coming country-pop singer-songwriter who rose to fame after being featured in Rolling Stone’s list of 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know. White has gained popularity in the country scene as she blends together genres which include country, pop, and even RnB. Apart from her feature in Rolling Stone, White has also been featured in... read full bio

Eric Martin

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Eric Martin is an American rock singer-songwriter and musician who is known for both his work as a solo artist and as a member for various bands. One of his most known singles is “To Be with You,” which is a song he wrote and performed with the hard rock band Mr. Big. Martin found his love for music at... read full bio

Ed Smart

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When Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her room in 2002, Ed Smart did what any dad would do: drop everything and look for her. Now, two decades later, Ed is a nationally famous and highly respected spokesperson for child protection and safety. He advocates for new legislation to be done to aid in these efforts. He is on the board... read full bio

Elise Trouw

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Elise Ashlyn Trouw is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Newport Beach. Elise made her way to San Diego at an early age, where she learned to play the piano using the song “My Immortal” by Evanescence as her inspiration. When she was ten, Elise learned to play the drums in Fallbrook, California. Strangely, she gained an interest in playing the... read full bio

Elder Island

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Elder Island is a dance electronic band from Bristol, where they founded the group orginally known as Trouvaille. They messed around with experimental folk sounds while the members pursued various art degrees in Bristol and South Wales. In 2014, they made their debut on BBC Radio 6, something that had more of an EDM house sound. Even though they made... read full bio

Elanor Moss

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Elanor Moss is a singer-songwriter who hails from Lincolnshire, York, and Leeds. While there, she graduated with a degree in Medieval Literature. While attending school, she started writing songs and performing them while collaborated with artists like Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Rosie Carney, The Howl and the Hum, and others. Elanor is fresh on the scene, with the release of her... read full bio

Eladio Carrion

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Eladio Carrión Morales is an American rapper and singer-songwriter of reggaeton and latin trap music. Eladio originally hails from Kansas City, Missouri and is of Peurto Rican descent. His dad was in the military and so they were constantly moving around. While he was born in the states, he made his way to Humacao, Puerto Rico when he was just... read full bio


Book Echos for your next event.

Echos is a Portland-based duo whose music is not so easy to sum up in a simple label but you could say that they are a combination of electronic, cinematic post-rock, pop, and experimental. Echos has been called “oddly infections” and that they will put you “in an electronic haze.” Their lyrics are bitter, romantic, and at times self-referential, something... read full bio

Easy Star All Stars

Book Easy Star All Stars for your next event.

Easy Star All-Stars is a collective that came together in the late 90s to put together a world music, reggae, and ska band of epic proportions. One thing they’re known for is putting together new versions of classic songs. For example, they released the album “Radiodread”, a recreation of Radiohead’s “OK Computer” album, as well as “Dub Side of the... read full bio

Enola Gay

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Enola Gay first hit the hardcore, post-punk, noise rock scene in 2020 with their debut single “The Birth of a Nation”, followed up quickly by a remix of the same song (thanks to Mount Palomar). The very next year, they released “Sofa Surfing” (their most famous track to date), “Through Men’s Eyes”, “Salt”, “Scrappers”, and their debut EP “Gransha”, which... read full bio


Book Emeryld for your next event.

Emeryld is a New York City-based RnB artist who is releasing hit after smash hit. Her song “Right There” and its music video were both huge hits and made their rounds online. It’s a song about mental health and how painful it can after a breakup. Emeryld was one of the many who struggled during the pandemic, but hers had... read full bio

Elvy the God

Book Elvy the God for your next event.

Elvy the God (or Angel Melendez) is a rapper who is making a big splash on the internet with his debut “Rolling Stone” hitting the web in 2017.Each consecutive released like “No Telling” and “Spaz Out” in 2018 and “It”, “Kill ‘Em”, “Love Me”, “Legit”, “100 Degrees”, “Cut The Check”, “Sp3”, and the debut EP “Applying Pressure” in 2019. The... read full bio


Book Eyedress for your next event.

Eyedress, AKA Idris Vicuña, is a singer-songwriter, producer, and rapper from Manila, Philippines. While growing up in a neighborhood that led him to stay indoors, he learned to play the guitar at a young age. He eventually made his way to Phoenix, Arizona with his family and was then introduced to American punk music, thanks to the local “anarchists” and... read full bio

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