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Previous Industries

Book Previous Industries for your next event.

Three older Chicagoans who today live in Los Angeles are Open Mike Eagle, Video Dave, and STILL RIFT, collectively known as Previous Industries. These guys discovered a strategy to get around the difficulty of making new friends in a place where transplants frequently complain that they have trouble making previous ties. Following the establishment of that relationship, they appeared to... read full bio


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PrettyMuch is an American-Canadian boy band consisting of five talented individuals: Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Zio Kuwonu, Austin Porter, and Nick Mara. This talented pop group has performed in both the US and Canada and has made a name for themselves in the music industry. Each member of the band was pursuing a successful solo career before they were brought... read full bio

Prettyboy D-O

Book Prettyboy D-O for your next event.

Prettyboy D-O is a Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter from the city of Lagos. He was born on May 9th, 1991 and raised in the city's Ajegunle area, known for its thriving musical and cultural scene. D-O started making music in his early teens and quickly gained a following for his unique style and catchy lyrics. He rose to prominence in... read full bio

Pretty Vicious

Book Pretty Vicious for your next event.

Pretty Vicious is an alternative punk band from Wales. The band consists of four talent members, Brad Griffiths, Elliot Jones, Jarvis Morgan, and Tom McCarthy. They have been compared to bands like Kasabian, Royal Blood, Oasis, and the Arctic Monkeys. The band has gained attention from publications like NME and Paste for their sound and performing style. They have released... read full bio

Pretty Sick

Book Pretty Sick for your next event.

Sabrina Fuentes, better known as her stage name, Pretty Sick, is an American singer-songwriter from New York. Fuentes formed Pretty Sick when she was only 13 years old and began performing in New York City. The band has gone on to perform in venues in New York City such as Shea Stadium and Silent Bam. While growing up, Fuentes knew... read full bio

Pretty Ricky

Book Pretty Ricky for your next event.

Pretty Ricky is an American R&B and hip-hop group that consists of Marcus Pleasure P Cooper, Spectacular Blue Smith, Diamond Baby Blue Smith, and Corey Slickem Mathis. The boys got their name from the character Pretty Ricky on the television series Martin because of the way the character dressed. The group has released four studio albums, What They Call Em,... read full bio

Pretty Lights

Book Pretty Lights for your next event.

The creative electronic music producer behind Pretty Lights, which has received over 1.9 million free album downloads to date and an average of 20,000 paid iTunes downloads per month, is Derek Vincent Smith. Over a strong as you like hip hop foundation, the music of Pretty Lights is layered with gloriously huge synth riffs and tons of chopped-up samples. The... read full bio

Pretty Girl

Book Pretty Girl for your next event.

Pretty Girl, a producer, performer and DJ, infuses the club with passion by her heartfelt creations and compelling live performance. PG has been making waves in her native Naarm (Melbourne) and around Australia for the past two years, selling out her headline live performance, serving as Bonobo's primary support act and most recently playing a live concert in front of 6000 fans at... read full bio

Pretty Awkward

Book Pretty Awkward for your next event.

Pretty Awkward is an up-and-coming alternative band from Seattle, Washington, that consists of members Austin Held on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and piano, Nicholas Wiggins on bass and piano, Jake Jones on lead guitar, and Damien Ward on drums. Pretty Awkward was formed after each member of the group met while performing in different projects. They termed the name of... read full bio

Preston Pablo

Book Preston Pablo for your next event.

Canadian singer-songwriter Preston Pablo, age 21, is from Timmins, Ontario. With three nominations for the 2023 Juno Awards, where he won Breakthrough Artist of the Year, he is rapidly establishing himself in the Canadian music landscape. When Preston learnt to play the drums at age 13, his musical journey officially began. Afterwards, he picked up the guitar, honed his techniques, and... read full bio

Preston James

Book Preston James for your next event.

Preston James is a Tennessee-born country music performer whose soulful voice and genuine Southern charm have captured the attention of fans. He hails from Cheatham County. Preston is poised to make waves in the country music scene after signing with King Pen Music/Warner Chappell as a songwriter. With a blend of sincere lyrics and southern melodies that honor his rural upbringing,... read full bio

Preston Arsement

Book Preston Arsement for your next event.

Preston Arsement, better known as PrestonPlayz is a famous Youtube. On his channel he plays video games, mostly Fortnite, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. Arsement gained a reputation after being able to take down the toughest Call of Duty or Black Ops levels. He has over 9 million followers on his channel currently and is constantly growing. He also has... read full bio


Book Pressa for your next event.

Quinton Armani Gardner, better known as his stage name, Pressa, is a Canadian rapper, and singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Pressa grew up in a rough area in Toronto which was known for gang activity. He went on to find a passion for music and rose to fame after the release if his hit single “Novacane,” which was produced by Murda... read full bio

Presley Regier

Book Presley Regier for your next event.

Presley Regier may not be a household name, but he is one of the music industry's most promising young artists and has already collaborated with notable Gen-Z singers like Claire Rosinkranz. Presley is a young soloist who has recently released his debut single and you won't be shocked to hear that it is really outstanding in addition to his talent behind the scenes. In... read full bio

Presley and Taylor

Book Presley and Taylor for your next event.

Presley & Taylor, a sister duo, are in high demand as performers. Over the past five years, they have opened for a number of megastars including Old Dominion, Martina McBride, Sammy Kershaw, Jimmie Allen and many more. They have also performed with Pam Tillis on the stages of the Grand Ole Opry and CMA Fest several times. They have steadily and organically... read full bio

Presidents Of The United States Of America

Book Presidents Of The United States Of America for your next event.

The Presidents of the United States of America, commonly referred to as simply The Presidents or PUSA is a Grammy-nominated American alternative rock band. The band formed in Seattle, USA, in 1993. The three-piece currently comprises vocalist and basitarist Chris Ballew, drummer and vocalist Jason Finn and guitbassist/vocalist Andrew McKeag. Long time guitbassist and vocalist Dave Dederer departed the band... read full bio

President Mohammad Khatami

Book President Mohammad Khatami for your next event.

Mohammad Khatami, the reformist President of Iran, 1997 2005, is one of the pre-eminent world leaders of our time. Running on a platform of tolerance and social reform, Khatami swept into office in 1997, chosen by over 20 million Iranians, nearly 70 percent of the vote. It was a surprising, heart-lifting triumph. As President, Khatami reinvigorated Iran. A political... read full bio

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Book Preservation Hall Jazz Band for your next event.

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band derives its name from Preservation Hall, the venerable music venue located in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, founded in 1961 by Allan and Sandra Jaffe. The band has traveled worldwide spreading their mission to nurture and perpetuate the art form of New Orleans Jazz. Whether performing at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, for... read full bio


Book Prep for your next event.

PREP is an up-and-coming RnB and pop-electronica band from London, England, that consists of members Tom Havelock, Guillaume Jambel, Llywelyn ap Myrddin, and Dan Radclyffe. The band was formed after Myrddin began working alongside Jambel. The duo previously performed in various musical acts and Jambel previously toured with George Fitzgerald. Radclyffe then earned the attention of Myrddin who knew him... read full bio


Book Preoccupations for your next event.

Preoccupations is a Canadian punk rock band from Alberta, Canada. They originally performed under the name Viet Cong, and later changed their title. The band is comprised of four members, Matt Flegel, Mike Wallace, Scott Munro, and Daniel Christiansen. Their sound is a mixture of genres; it includes psychedelic noises, intense instrumentals, and noisey punk tracks. They have released a... read full bio

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