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Book Moby for your next event.

When Moby first erupted onto the rave arena with the Twin Peaks-sampling Go", little did the world realize just how far this New Yorker would go to confound the public. From house innovator to techno punk originator, thrash metal rocker to inadvertent soundtracker and composer, Moby has travelled disparate musical terrains with an insatiable thirst for fresh sounds and spiritual... read full bio


Book Moderatto for your next event.

Mexican rock band Moderatto began as a parody of the glamorous style of 80s bands like Poison, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper. The group consists of popular musicians Brian Amadeus Moderatto, Xavi Moderatto, Mick P. Marcy, Roy Ochoa Aviles and Elohim Corona. Their debut album Resurrexion was an immediate success, especially the singles Marchate Ya and Isabel. They have since... read full bio

Molly Hatchet

Book Molly Hatchet for your next event.

A new form of music was emerging in the south, which consisted of a mixture of blues, country, gospel and the English invasion of rock and roll that later was to be coined the phrase Southern Rock." The music was filled with style and emotion and with bands in the forefront such as the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and a... read full bio


Book Molotov for your next event.

Molotov is a Mexican rock and hip hop band formed on September 23, 1995 in Mexico City. Their lyrics feature a mixture of Spanish and English, rapped and sung by all members of the group. Musically, Molotov blends heavy basslines, flamenco guitar riffs and turntable scratches. Molotov is often regarded the Latin response to Rage Against the Machine. Many... read full bio

Monster Magnet

Book Monster Magnet for your next event.

Monster Magnet is an American stoner metal/stoner rock band. Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey, the group was founded by Dave Wyndorf (vocals and guitar), John McBain (guitar), Tom Diello (drums), and Tim Cronin (vocals and bass). The band first went under the name Dog of Mystery and later Airport 75, before finally settling on Monster Magnet. In... read full bio

Motley Crue

Book Motley Crue for your next event.

Motley Crue was founded by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, who were later joined by lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead singer Vince Neil. Motley Crue has sold more than 100 million album copies worldwide, rising amongst the best-selling bands in history. The band members have often been noted for their hard-living lifestyles, and the persona they... read full bio

Mr. Bungle

Book Mr. Bungle for your next event.

Mr. Bungle was an American experimental band from Eureka, California. The band was formed in 1985 while the members were still in high school, and was named after a 1950s children's educational film regarding bad habits which was later featured in a 1981 Pee-wee Herman HBO special. Mr. Bungle released four demo tapes in the mid to late 1980s before... read full bio

Mutoid Man

Book Mutoid Man for your next event.

Mutoid Man is a metalcore band from Brooklyn, made up of frontman Stephen Brodsky, Converge drummer Ben Koller, and bassist Nick Cageao. With a sound that fuses hardcore punk, heavy metal, rock n roll, math rock, progressive rock, and psychedelia, Mutoid Man has released the Helium Head EP and two albums: Bleeder and War Moans. Pitchfork magazine praised Bleeder for... read full bio

My Darkest Days

Book My Darkest Days for your next event.

In 2010, Norwood, Ontario band My Darkest Days became legends throughout the exotic world of g-strings n pasties thanks to the song Porn Star Dancing, the #1 charting strip club anthem from their first album. The bands second album, Sick And Twisted Affair, means to bring the listeners along for the bands ride through arenas, bars and gentlemens clubs.... read full bio


Book Nazareth for your next event.

Nazareth is a Scottish hard rock band that have been together for over four decades that had several hits in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, and established an international audience with their 1975 album Hair of the Dog. Perhaps their best-known hit single was a cover of the ballad Love Hurts", in 1975. The band is currently still... read full bio

Nightmares on Wax

Book Nightmares on Wax for your next event.

Nightmares on Wax is the stage name of George Evelyn, a DJ and electronic music producer. He has been honing in on the style of Nightmares on Wax for years. In his early career, Evelyn was influenced by hip-hop and rap music. Later, Evelyn incorporated genres of soul and funk, punk and goth, and even metal genres into his electronic... read full bio

Noelle Pikus-Pace

Book Noelle Pikus-Pace for your next event.

Noelle Pikus-Pace is a skeleton racer who began her career. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and won five medals at the FIBT World Championships, competed in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and won the silver medal in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Pikus-Pace won the women's Skeleton World Cup overall title. After... read full bio

Of Mice and Men

Book Of Mice and Men for your next event.

Of Mice & Men is an American metalcore band from Orange County, California. The group consists of artists Valentino Arteaga, Phil Manansala, Alan Ashby, and Aaron Pauley. The group was founded by Austin Carlile and Jaxin Hall. Over the years Of Mice & Men have released five studio albums and are set to release their sixth album, “Earthandsky”. Their third... read full bio

Olafur Arnalds

Book Olafur Arnalds for your next event.

Olafur Arnalds is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Iceland. Arnalds creates an authentic type of electronic music, mixing live instruments like strings and piano with ambient electronic beats. Arnalds began his career as a classical artist, writing piano and string ensembles for the German metal band, Heaven Shall Burn. Seeing success with these productions, Arnalds began his solo career and... read full bio

Olivia Cooke

Book Olivia Cooke for your next event.

Olivia Cooke is an English actress best known for her roles in film and television such as Emma in Bates Motel, Jane in The Quiet Ones, Laine in Ouija, and Art3mis/Samantha in Ready Player One. Growing up, Cooke performed in ballet, gymnastics, and her schools after-school drama program at the Oldham Theatre Workshop. She then went on to star in... read full bio


Book Overkill for your next event.

Overkill is synonymous with power, precision and perseverance. Across three decades, the pioneering powerhouse has shaped, refined and steadily broadened a determined style of blue collar power metal, soaring melodic hard rock and genre-defining thrash built from steadfast, muscular pulls at their own proverbial bootstraps. Overkill continues to power ahead through the changing musical landscape, trends be damned, and has... read full bio

Ozzy Osbourne

Book Ozzy Osbourne for your next event.

Ozzy Osbourne is a rock legend. He is a Grammy Award winning, singer and songwriter. Although his career has covered over 40 years, he had a humble beginning. Osbourne initially rose to prominence as lead vocalist and part lyricist of the pioneering English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, a band whose radically different; the intentionally dark and doom sound spearheaded... read full bio

P. O. D.

Book P. O. D. for your next event.

P.O.D., or Payable on Death, is an American Christian Metal band formed in 1992. P.O.D. has released seven studio albums and have sold over 10 million records worldwide. Over the course of their career, the band have also received three Grammy Award nominations, contributed to numerous motion picture soundtracks and toured the world over many times. P.O.D. has... read full bio

Papa Roach

Book Papa Roach for your next event.

Acclaimed hard/alternative rock band Papa Roach got its first big break with its album Infest, which would go on to be certified Triple Platinum. Other highly successful albums released by Papa Roach include Getting Away with Murder (certified platinum), Lovehatetragedy (certified gold), Time for Annihilation, The Connection, The Paramour Sessions, F.E.A.R., Crooked Teeth, and Metamorphosis. Some of the bands most... read full bio

Paul Sevigny

Book Paul Sevigny for your next event.

Money manager-turned-DJ Paul Sevigny has established himself as the soundtrack of choice for exclusive fashion shows, store openings, and nightclubs around the world. With a unique blend of rock, punk, and metal, Sevigny has solidified his status as an A-list DJ with an impressive client list that includes Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Hard Rock Cafe, Coca-Cola, Mick Jagger, and Michael Bloomberg.... read full bio

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